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Students celebrated Valentines Day in a variety of ways while on campus.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day like a Marauder

Briana Castillo February 14, 2020

Feb. 14 — the day we show our affection and admiration to those we love. Valentine’s Day is all about making your loved ones feel a little more special than they do on any regular day. Expressing your...

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Conversation hearts are an iconic Valentines Day treat. Take the quiz below to find out which message fits you the best!

Quiz: which candy heart message are you?

Madi Olivier February 11, 2020

Conversation candy hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple. Whether you like the taste of the rainbow candies or not, reading the messages printed across them is always entertaining. Some are timeless and...

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Meet the men of Mr. Marcus

Meet the men of Mr. Marcus

Michael Minton February 5, 2020

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If you find yourself single two weeks before Valentines Day, use this guide to create your own sweetheart.

Five easy steps to creating your own sweetheart

McKenna Cowley February 3, 2020

Valentine’s Day can be difficult for single people, so much that there is even a movement to introduce a second holiday that falls on Feb. 15: Singles Awareness Day or SAD. This year, if you find yourself...

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Doge was a popular meme in the past decade.

Quiz: the humor of the past decade

Test your meme knowledge with this quiz
Michael Minton January 16, 2020

What is a meme? If you ask someone in the hallway, they'll most likely show you some image photoshopped beyond recognition or a screenshot of a tweet. Growing up in the 2010s, our generation’s sense...

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While it may seem easy to just stay at home and question why you’re  single, there are still ways to enjoy the last moments of the year without a partner.

Single’s guide to New Year’s Eve

Shriya Mukkavilli December 31, 2019

Ah, New Year’s Eve. Some people throw elaborate parties, others wait in below freezing temperatures to watch the ball drop and kids stay up while pretending to be asleep. Most importantly, couples...

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Although Chick-fil-As breading was on the bland side, the chicken was crunchy and had a nice flavor.

Look at all those chickens

The Marquee tests the rivalry between Chick-Fil-A and Popeye's
Alyssa Cheatham December 17, 2019

Bread Chick-fil-A’s buns were warm when they came out of the packaging and were toasted to perfection. They were arguably bland and tasted like every other bun, but there was just enough bread to...

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Get ready for winter break with this festive holiday trivia quiz.

Quiz: stocking stumpers

Samantha Thornfelt December 17, 2019

It’s the holiday season, which means nearly everyone is counting down the days until the start of Winter Break. Test your holiday knowledge with these trivia questions to make the time go a little faster...

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Social injustice has been very prevalent in every decade, and that has influenced music throughout time.

Timeless tunes

Iconic bops throughout the decades that will never go out of style
Reya Mosby December 13, 2019

‘60s With the '60s came drive in movie theatres, color television, women in soul and groups like The Beatles, making it important for pop culture. It was also a time of national activism and social...

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Elf, which is the story of a human raised as an elf, is a Christmas classic for many kids.

‘Tis the season

Perfect movies to watch during the holidays
Adriana Pueskens and Alyssa Cheatham December 10, 2019

The Polar Express (2004) Rating: 5/5 “The Polar Express” follows the journey of three children on Christmas Eve from their homes to the North Pole aboard a train named, you guessed it, The...

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The local area offers many festive events to spread Christmas cheer. Pictured is the large Christmas tree from last years Village Glow event in the Shops of Highland Village.

Merry and bright

Local christmas light attractions to put you in the holiday spirit
Samantha Thornfelt December 6, 2019

Everything is bigger in Texas, even Christmas light displays. Some holiday events in North Texas feature more than one million lights, in addition to other attractions, such as vendors and visits with...

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For those wanting more than a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Friendsgiving is a fun way to celebrate what youre thankful for with more than just your relatives.

The 10 commandments of Friendsgiving

Samantha Thornfelt November 11, 2019

Thanksgiving is often focused on family, but for those who want to add a little more fun to their holiday season, Friendsgiving is the perfect party idea. While it may not be as traditional as a family...

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