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Quiz: which candy heart message are you?

Madi Olivier
Conversation hearts are an iconic Valentine’s Day treat. Take the quiz below to find out which message fits you the best!

Conversation candy hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple. Whether you like the taste of the rainbow candies or not, reading the messages printed across them is always entertaining. Some are timeless and sweet, such “cutie pie,” while others are a little less conventional, like “go home.” Take the quiz below to find out which classic candy heart message describes you the best then see how you compare to other readers using the poll. 


1. What message would you write on a poster to prompose to your Valentine?

            a. “Prom? Yes = smile. No = backflip.” 

            b. “Mickey needs Minnie. Tigger needs Pooh. I need to go to prom with you!”

            c. “I’m so glad we’re F • R • I • E • N • D • S! Prom?”

            d. Promposal? What promposal?


2. Your crush just sat down next to you in math class! What do you do?

            a. Start a conversation

            b. Write your phone number or Snapchat on their notes

            c. Smile and wave

            d. Keep to yourself


3. What gift are you hoping to receive on Valentine’s Day?

            a. Jewelry

            b. A handwritten letter

            c. Candy

            d. Nothing specific


4. What is your go-to first date?

            a. Dinner

            b. Mini-golf

            c. Movie

            d. You let the other person choose


5. It’s time for a night just for yourself! What do you choose to watch?

            a. “The Bachelor”

            b. “The Notebook”

            c. “Friends”

            d. “The Office”


Mostly A’s

You got “be mine!” When it comes to love, you’re not one to leave subtle hints and are often considered to be a flirt. You’re very loyal and aren’t afraid of commitment in your relationships, so you don’t waste any time telling your crush how you really feel about them.


Mostly B’s

“XOXOXO” describes you the best! Deep down, you’re a hopeless romantic that loves the more cheesy traditions of Valentine’s Day. You’re sentimental and enjoy the little things. Although you can be shy at times, you know when to wear your heart on your sleeve and can be quite charming.


Mostly C’s

You’re the most like “hug me!” You’re likely new to the dating scene and are hoping to start off slow. You might be unsure of how to navigate the world of high school relationships, but you’re excited to see where this new adventure takes you. You’re a sweet and caring person that wants to find somebody they feel happy with. 


Mostly D’s

“Cool” matches your personality! You’re not the most romantic person and don’t care too much about Valentine’s Day. You often prefer to just sit back and go with the flow instead of getting caught up in relationship drama. However, you probably wouldn’t mind breaking your routine a little if the right person ever comes along.

Which candy heart message are you?

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Madi Olivier, Editor in Chief
Madi Olivier is a senior and third-year staffer, although most people know her as the short girl who talks too much. The newsroom is her favorite place to be and she spent most of her time last year convincing Hale to let her stay after school for “just five more minutes.” However, if the door to C108 is locked, you can normally find her at gymnastics practice or in the kitchen trying to bake. Her speciality is anything burnt or overflowing from the pan. She’s so excited to be the editor in chief of The Marquee and to see what amazing, impactful stories her staff will publish this year. 

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