Single’s guide to New Year’s Eve

Tara Connick
While it may seem like everybody will be ringing in the new year with a midnight kiss, there are many ways to enjoy New Year’s Eve without a partner.

Ah, New Year’s Eve. Some people throw elaborate parties, others wait in below freezing temperatures to watch the ball drop and kids stay up while pretending to be asleep. Most importantly, couples try to find the perfect spot for a midnight kiss and lock lips as fireworks light up the sky — unless you’re the single third wheel of the friend group who just wants to go home.

Being single on New Year’s Eve is rough. Like Valentine’s Day, it can feel like a day that was made only for couples. Even though it might feel like a midnight kiss is part of the New Year’s Eve experience, it really isn’t needed to have one last fun night of the year.

Hang out with your friends 

If you’re dreading the idea of going to a New Year’s Eve party and seeing everyone else with a partner, why not throw your own party? Gather your other single friends and some food. Add in a couple of pints of ice cream. Maybe a few more. Pick a movie you can all agree on. Spend the night together, talking about whatever. 

Spend time with family

Bake cookies, play card games or watch a movie with your family. While you might find them overwhelming at times, it’s better to ring in the new year with people you actually love rather than someone you find at a party.

Treat yourself

For all the introverts who’d rather spend New Year’s Eve with themselves, try ending the year with some self care. Put a face mask on, take a nice bath or do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

It may seem easy to just stay at home and question why you’re single, but if you keep these activities in mind, you can still enjoy the last moments of the year without a partner.