The Marquee

Substitute Stephan Gomez leads his orchestra students through a piece in preparation for their fall concert.

College student takes on role as long-term sub

Marley Roberson October 16, 2021

The orchestra room was decorated with balloons, ready to host a celebration. It was early September and the students came together sporting matching homemade T-shirts celebrating their beloved long term...

Coach Brittany Marshall claps enthusiastically for her wrestlers during practice.

Leaving the mats

Hyunsung Na October 14, 2021

Newly hired girls wrestling coach Brittany Marshall was just 16 when she competed in her first state wrestling championship for Lewisville High School. The same age as some of her students now, Marshall...

Senior twins Alsa Khan and Muhammad Jee attend the senior signing event in the cafeteria. Alsa has been involved in Student Council, while Muhammad was on the track team.

Achieving the American dream

Madi Olivier May 16, 2021

A lot of words can be used to describe seniors Alsa Khan and Muhammad Jee. Twins. AP students. Alsa, the senior class president. Muhammad, the nationally-ranked athlete and future Ivy League student. But...

Photography teacher Kathy Toews keeps cameras on a wall in her classroom. They are all different ages and models.

Life in snapshots

Shriya Mukkavilli April 15, 2021

When students enter photography teacher Kathy Toews’ classroom, their eyes are drawn to the left wall of the classroom. Cameras hang along it, ranging from the film cameras of the early 1900s to...

After school was shut down last year, sophomore Caroline Lehmann struggled to meet the demand of AP classes and felt isolated.

Inching forward

Muna Nnamani April 13, 2021

Last spring, sophomore Caroline Lehmann rested her head on her pillow and tried to sleep. But her mind wouldn’t stop racing. I still have to turn in Canvas assignments. I’m not ready for...

Briarhill Middle School student Audrey Gronberg and her mother, Kim, welcomed donors during the bone marrow drive on Jan. 9. Over 300 people drove through to register
as donors.


Muna Nnamani April 9, 2021

When Briarhill Middle School student Audrey Gronberg went for a routine doctor’s appointment on Dec. 8, 2020, her mother, Kim, wasn’t expecting a call back from the endocrinologist. “The doctor...

The Ogilvie family, including Cade (left), Brooke (middle) and Madden (right), arrived at the race before sunrise, giving Cade time to make sure he was prepared.

Miles for Miles

Madi Olivier March 25, 2021

Hebron High School junior Nandita Kumar founded the student-led group LISD SEE to advocate for a more inclusive history, English and science curriculum.

Seen and heard

Shriya Mukkavilli March 9, 2021

Editor's note: This story won second place for print news features in the ILPC contest. LISD SEE, or Students for Educational Equity, is a student-led organization that is advocating for a more...

Senior Jaelon Dennis initially used fashion as a way to stand up to his bullies, but he said that he now has a passion for it.

Fashion forward

Muna Nnamani March 2, 2021

Editor's note: This story won honorable mention for print features in the ILPC contest. As senior Jaelon Dennis walked into Lewisville High School as a freshman, people stopped to stare. He wore...

Kate began to suspect she was bisexual in middle school. She is now dating another girl but is not out to her parents.

Bisexual student dates while closeted from parents

Madi Olivier February 25, 2021

Editor's note: This story was part of  an in-depth package of our Feb. 12, 2021 issue , which won first place for print in depth news/feature package in the ILPC contest. It was also a finalist for...

Junior Sydney Battiste came out when she was 11 years old. She identifies as bisexual.

True colors

Shriya Mukkavilli February 23, 2021

Editor's note: This story was part of an in-depth package of our Feb. 12, 2021 issue, which won first place for print in depth news/feature package in the ILPC contest. It was also a finalist for series/project...

Sophomore Charley David was diagnosed with ADHD in third grade. It mainly affects her ability to focus, which she had to overcome while taking virtual classes this year.

Finding focus

Madi Olivier February 19, 2021

Sophomore Charley David describes living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, as starting each day with a blank sheet of notebook paper. The tasks she needs to complete are like her...

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