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Nine dim lights

Nine dim lights

Kaelen Reed May 1, 2023

A festive buzz surrounds senior Tiana Mazisyuk, who uses they/them pronouns. Students are anticipating plans for the upcoming winter break. Whispers of putting up Christmas lights, hanging mistletoe and...

Senior manages type one diabetes

Senior manages type one diabetes

Muna Nnamani and Aishani Raju May 1, 2023

At twelve years old, senior Sadie Thomas danced onstage. Under the glow of the spotlights, she was completely immersed in her routine. It didn’t matter that she’d been in a battle with her body...

Stepping into the spotlight

Stepping into the spotlight

Muna Nnamani April 24, 2023

As sophomore step team captain Jaida Johnson’s boots scuffed against the gym floor, she fought the panic in her stomach. The panic had been rising all morning. At home, when she skipped breakfast...

Love in the limelight

Love in the limelight

Raksha Jayakumar April 21, 2023
“I remember thinking about so many people that worked and fought for this, for us.”
Joy’s aunt left Egypt for America when she married, but would visit every so often to see her family. Joy’s family moving to America meant they could all live together for the first time in over 20 years. Photo submitted by Joy Aziz

Remembering home

Roslyn Dobbins, Reporter April 4, 2023

She could still remember the way Egypt was. The apartment buildings in the city she lived in. The food stalls her family would often buy fresh fruits and vegetables from. The smell of beans and falafel...

Kenzie performs at Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, New York as the debut show of “Annie” tour.

Under the spotlight

Raksha Jayakumar March 24, 2023

Former student Kenzie Rees pulls back the curtains to peer out at 2,800 velvet chairs. It’s grander than any other theater she’s performed in. It’s opening night at the Landmark Theater in Syracuse,...

Losing The Fight

Losing The Fight

Harrison Hamre March 8, 2023

Frisco resident Tina Pinotti, balances her full time job, taking care of her granddaughter, and working as a board member for Winning the Fight, an organization that helps families fight the disease of...

Chloe and Natalie White eat dinner with their family. The last time Chloe saw her sister was watching a Netflix documentary about flat earthers together at home. Photo submitted by Chloe White

Robbed of more time

Hyunsung Na March 8, 2023

Looking out the backseat window of her parent’s car, 2019 graduate Chloe White watched her father leaving the motel room. Tears rolled down the former Marine’s face as he walked back to their car,...

Senior Claire Capek filming a scene with her costars

Christmas star

Garrison Acree December 13, 2022

In between scenes, senior Claire Capek sits around the campfire with her celebrity co-stars chatting about how the movie had been going. The fire crackles as marshmallows begin to melt and snowflakes drift...

Senior Emily Kaslik climbs out of the Piper Cherokee after a successful solo flight.

Climbing high

Garrison Acree November 4, 2022

The sun rises over the horizon, casting its red and orange rays across the Broadie’s Aircraft Maintenance Center. A Piper Cherokee plane rolls down the runway, casting a long shadow down the pavement....

Junior Jacque Stevenson cooks in a gluten free cooking class in Italy

Freely Jacque

Aishani Raju November 4, 2022

In the midst of the pandemic, Junior Jacque Stevenson garnished her oatmeal bowl with glazed strawberries, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. She centered the bowl on her table to snap pictures of her...

Debbie Brininstool was 14 years old when the school shooting occurred at Carlsbad Mid-High School on Nov 3rd, 1971. (Submitted by Debbie Brininstool)

Armed by the past

Kaelen Reed, Reporter October 13, 2022

Michael O’Hearn, 23 had recently returned to his hometown in New Mexico when he breached the Carlsbad Mid-High School on Nov. 3rd, 1971. The doors were unlocked, so the former student let himself...

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