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The Marquee

Senior Claire Capek filming a scene with her costars

Christmas star

Garrison Acree December 13, 2022

In between scenes, senior Claire Capek sits around the campfire with her celebrity co-stars chatting about how the movie had been going. The fire crackles as marshmallows begin to melt and snowflakes drift...

Senior Emily Kaslik climbs out of the Piper Cherokee after a successful solo flight.

Climbing high

Garrison Acree November 4, 2022

The sun rises over the horizon, casting its red and orange rays across the Broadie’s Aircraft Maintenance Center. A Piper Cherokee plane rolls down the runway, casting a long shadow down the pavement....

Junior Jacque Stevenson cooks in a gluten free cooking class in Italy

Freely Jacque

Aishani Raju November 4, 2022

In the midst of the pandemic, Junior Jacque Stevenson garnished her oatmeal bowl with glazed strawberries, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. She centered the bowl on her table to snap pictures of her...

Debbie Brininstool was 14 years old when the school shooting occurred at Carlsbad Mid-High School on Nov 3rd, 1971. (Submitted by Debbie Brininstool)

Armed by the past

Kaelen Reed, Reporter October 13, 2022

Michael O’Hearn, 23 had recently returned to his hometown in New Mexico when he breached the Carlsbad Mid-High School on Nov. 3rd, 1971. The doors were unlocked, so the former student let himself...

Kate and Mae Parsons created their own jewelry business inspired by Bible verses, in

Shining her light

Roslyn Dobbins, Reporter October 6, 2022
The second she saw the bright, shiny pearls hanging on a hook in the Hobby Lobby jewelry section, she knew what she wanted to do.
On Saturday, September 24, Maanu won a first place award for varsity
Lincoln-Douglas debate-Newman Smith High School.

Fighting for words

Raksha Jayakumar, Reporter October 5, 2022
Her entire childhood, junior Maanu Obalapuram grew up hearing her older sister and cousin raving about their debate tournaments. She always wished it would one day be her.
Since opening up Roots Renewal Ranch on Nov. 1, Michelle Schwolert has six residents currently.

Finding new roots

Shriya Mukkavilli May 7, 2022

Former student assistance counselor Michelle Schwolert was working at the school in her office on Nov. 11, 2020 when her mother texted her to meet her in the parking lot. She had newsHer brother Nathan...

After she graduates, senior Rhea Karamuru hopes Rel8 will continue to help students.

Making connections

Muna Nnamani March 29, 2022

When senior Rhea Karumuru sat in the counselor’s chair, fleshing out what would eventually become an outreach program, she wasn’t thinking about the entire student body — she was just thinking about...

Bright colors and prints have become staples in Gios wardrobe.

His own style

Sophia Craig and Hyunsung Na March 21, 2022

  8-year-old Gio Watson stood in the tall door frame of his mother’s room, in awe of the new purple and white blanket draped on his mom’s bed. He dragged the blanket down the stairs, all over...

Orchestra Director Allison Washler conducts the Chamber orchestra. Because of student absences, she initially struggled to keep the entire class caught up.

Imperfect Harmony

Muna Nnamani March 9, 2022

A quick look around the orchestra room affirms Orchestra Director Allison Washler’s love for mantras. A tarp with an Aristotle quote sits above her podium: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,...

Living through music

Harrison Hamre March 9, 2022

A hand-me-down, green, stick bag with a used pair of Jojo Mayer drumsticks was his way out. Percussionist Brandon Kelly still has the beginning percussion equipment he bought when he was in the fourth...

Models show off dresses from junior Jordan Thompsons debut collection, Petals of Rose.

Tailored to her dreams

Marley Roberson February 11, 2022

Editor's note: This story won excellent for print entertainment features in the 2022 TAJE Best in Texas contest. Decorations of gold, green and purple filled the Mardi Gras themed restaurant, Mrs. Lively’s...

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