Quiz: the humor of the past decade

Test your meme knowledge with this quiz

What is a meme? If you ask someone in the hallway, they’ll most likely show you some image photoshopped beyond recognition or a screenshot of a tweet. Growing up in the 2010s, our generation’s sense of humor has been defined by memes. They are a huge part of the Gen Z identity, but how much do you know about memes? Take the quiz below to find out how impressive your meme knowledge is.


1) A cat nicknamed _____ rose to fame in 2012 after its sour facial expressions were posted on Reddit.

A) Loops Cat

B) Grouchy Cat

C) Grumpy Cat

D) Annoyed Kitty

Emily Seiler


2) What breed of dog is a Doge?

A) Corgi

B) German Shepherd

C) Shiba Inu

D) Pomeranian


3) What year did Vine shut down?

A) 2015

B) 2016

C) 2017

D) 2018

Emily Seiler


4) What is this style of meme called?

A) Bottom Text

B) Rage Comic

C) Captcha

D) Copypasta


5) How many active users does TikTok have as of 2019?

A) 200 million

B) 300 million

C) 400 million

D) 500 million

Emily Seiler


6) What show is Baby Yoda from? 

A) “The Mandalorian”

B) “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

C) “Guardians of the Galaxy”

D) “Star Wars: Rebels”



How many did you get right? Find your meme knowledge ranking based on your score.

Answers: C, C, C, B, D, A


0-1: What’s a may-may?

Your knowledge of memes is lacking at best. This means you’re probably too busy to look at your phone and find images that make you chuckle. So good for you, I guess.

2-3: Noob

You can understand a meme here and there, but you don’t spend many hours a day scouring the internet. You’re more likely to follow meme accounts that sift through the duds and give you the highlights.

4-5: Meme Master

Almost nothing gets past you, memester. You’re willing to scroll through some stale memes in order to find a worthy one.

6: Transcended Memer

Your knowledge of memes is vast and unchallenged. Any meme someone sends to you, you’ve seen days before. Enjoy your big brain and try to get out a bit more.

What meme knowledge ranking did you get?

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