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Texas lawmakers combat gun violence

Madi Olivier

October 3, 2019

Texas laws changed  On Sept. 1, the day after the Odessa-Midland shooting, a series of laws expanding where firearms are allowed went into place. The laws were signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June. Their effects include: -...

Blazing the way

Blazing the way

October 3, 2019

TEA grades education

Ayra Charania

October 3, 2019

The school received an A, and LISD received a B+ rating in the Texas Education Agency 2019 Accountability Report on Aug. 15. The report evaluated categories of student achievement, student progress and closing the gap between socio...

Summer 2019 in hashtags

Samantha Thornfelt

August 30, 2019

#Stonewall50 On June 1, people across the country began celebrating Gay Pride. This year also marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a series of protests made by members of the LGBTQ community against a police r...

Prescription prevalence

Kendall Cooper

April 29, 2019

Prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing substance problem in the country according to the Department of Health and Human Services. The issue doesn’t just apply to adults. According to, one out of seven...

Legal consequences of prescription drugs

Kendall Cooper

April 26, 2019

Besides the medical consequences of taking prescription drugs, it is also a crime. A misconception is that if someone isn’t 18 yet, they will get lesser sentences. However, in the eyes of the law and court system, people become...

Law firm sues LISD over school board elections

Nikhila Bulusu

April 25, 2019

A lawsuit was filed on Feb. 12 against LISD because the current school board election system doesn’t require members to live in the area that they represent. Though more than 58 percent of LISD students are minorities, the board...

Under the table

Alex Anderson

April 24, 2019

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered that all Texas public universities review their application processes after officials at the University of Texas at Austin allegedly accepted bribes from applicants’ families to get students...

LISD implements technology changes

Alex Anderson, Entertainment editor

March 22, 2019

YouTube in the classroom LISD implemented a new system for teachers to access videos on YouTube that have been blocked on restricted mode on March 4. Currently, the only videos available on LISD WiFi are videos that have b...

Challenging taboos

Kendall Cooper, Copy Editor

February 7, 2019

Food and shelter are usually the top priorities for those in poverty. While both are critical needs, people with low incomes don’t have access to other things often taken for granted, including feminine hygiene products. With...

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