Review: ‘Murder Mystery’


Madi Olivier

"Murder Mystery" is an entertaining movie that captures the acting abilities of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

“Murder Mystery” stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. They play Nick and Audrey Spitz, a couple vacationing for their 15th wedding anniversary. Audrey meets billionaire Charles Cavendish on their flight to Europe and he invites the Spitzes to join him on his family yacht to celebrate his uncle, Malcolm Quince’s, wedding to Charles’ ex-fiancé. Quince announces that only his new wife will receive an inheritance in his will, but before the will is signed, the lights go out and he is stabbed. 

The movie follows the Spitz couple, who find themselves at the center of a murder investigation. As it continues, the suspects start dying one-by-one, and Nick and Audrey have to not only figure out who murdered Malcolm Quince, but who is trying to kill them.

The movie, which is a Netflix special and can only be found on the platform, is good for all teens and families who enjoy comedic mysteries. Aniston and Sandler bring the movie to life with genuine interactions that provide for comedic relief during the tense plot. Sandler plays the perfect counterpart to Aniston, as both are deeply invested in the case, and their sarcasm plays off of each other. Though both are not detectives, their investigations are surprisingly accurate, and how they come to their shocking realizations brings humor to the movie. “Murder Mystery” is an easy watch, and perfect for watching during movie nights with family and friends.

Additionally, the script is well written and emphasizes both of the actor’s abilities to switch between serious and comedic. “Murder Mystery” takes place around Europe, so if the hilarious plot isn’t a reason to watch it, the gorgeous scenery is. The storyline is intriguing, and the many plot twists keep the watchers captivated. “Murder Mystery” is one of Sandler’s better recent movies, and it redeems him as a star actor. 

For viewers who enjoy comedy, suspense and action, Murder Mystery is the perfect watch.