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Muna Nnamani

Muna Nnamani, Managing Editor

Muna Nnamani (she/her) is a senior and a third year staffer. She’s super excited for this year’s staff, because they’re all pretty decent people. Outside the paper, her one hobby is listening to the same three songs on repeat and thinking about her feelings. She gets five hours of sleep on a good night, but she’s still thriving.

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After she graduates, senior Rhea Karamuru hopes Rel8 will continue to help students.

Making connections

Senior starts school support group
Muna Nnamani
March 29, 2022
Orchestra Director Allison Washler conducts the Chamber orchestra. Because of student absences, she initially struggled to keep the entire class caught up.

Imperfect Harmony

Orchestra teachers prepares for competition during COVID
Muna Nnamani
March 9, 2022
Sophomore Bella Campos chases after the ball before stealing it back for her team.

Going for goal’d

Girls' soccer finishes strong, makes it to regional semifinals
Muna Nnamani
May 15, 2021
After school was shut down last year, sophomore Caroline Lehmann struggled to meet the demand of AP classes and felt isolated.

Inching forward

Pandemic, isolation impacts sophomore's mental health
Muna Nnamani
April 13, 2021
Briarhill Middle School student Audrey Gronberg and her mother, Kim, welcomed donors during the bone marrow drive on Jan. 9. Over 300 people drove through to register
as donors.


Community holds bone marrow drive for family
Muna Nnamani
April 9, 2021
Senior Jaelon Dennis initially used fashion as a way to stand up to his bullies, but he said that he now has a passion for it.

Fashion forward

Senior rediscovers himself during quarantine
Muna Nnamani
March 2, 2021
Board of Trustees Vice President Tracy Scott Miller announced his idea to randomly drug test students in late October to help reduce drug abuse in schools. However, it is unclear if his plan will gain enough support to be voted upon or approved by the school board.

Test questions

Discussion of reviving student drug screening arises in district
The segregation of race in America is highlighted in Loving, which also shows that love knows no boundaries.

Race in our media

Books and movies about race and race relations
Muna Nnamani
November 9, 2020
Orchestra Director Allison Washler executing beats and tempos.

Changing tune

Performing arts adapt to COVID-19
Muna Nnamani
September 29, 2020
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