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Prom fits


Let’s face it — almost every junior and senior will be at prom this year. After witnessing what happened to the classes of 2020 and 2021, every upperclassman will bury their excuses and Cha-Cha Slide for at least 20 minutes, just to be able to say that they experienced prom.

Because prom is really just a chance to show off your cool outfit to your entire graduating class. If this wasn’t true, people wouldn’t be crippling their parents’ paychecks on dresses they’ll only wear once.

Everybody will be bringing their A-game to the dance, so you’ll need to step it up with the prom fits to really stand out. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled our best fashion tips for the dance.

Boys’ attire


Tuxedos are easily one of the most iconic parts of the prom outfits, so if you’re going with someone else, it’s important to choose one that will match your partner’s outfit. If you’re riding solo, the patterns and colors to choose from are endless.

You could go with a classic black suit or jewel-tones, but patterned tuxes have been gaining traction — specifically floral print and gingham.

For the fit, you can opt for an oversized suit (best done in corduroy), or more form-fitting, with skinny pants and a tighter blazer.


Patterned, unconventional tuxes have been gaining traction. (Saloni Mistry)

Anywhere outside of prom, wearing a bow tie will make you look like the failed fifth member of a barbershop quartet. But at a dance, ties are a cool way to express yourself if you’ve been forced to match your date with every other part of your outfit.

Unlike the traditional black bow tie, polka dots and floral patterns are unique. And remember, when it’s tied (clip-ons are not an option, guys) the bow shouldn’t be any wider than your face.

To avoid facing ridicule for not knowing how to tie your own tie, consult the never-ending trove of knowledge that is wikiHow before going to your father for wisdom.


You may already have an expensive pair of dress shoes stored in your closet, just for this day. You may shine them every week religiously, with brushes and microfiber cloths and all that overpriced jazz.

But chances are, the rest of us will have to flood Walmart days beforehand to snag a good pair.

Black and brown laced leather shoes will match almost any outfit, and so will sleek high-top sneakers. On the other side of the spectrum, some guys go with cowboy boots, which some Texan families consider a rite of passage. Either way, a nice pair of shoes can leave you tearing up the dance floor at prom.


Girls’ attire


For a conventional style, try a traditional curly updo, and for a more bohemian dress, light beach waves. Straighten your hair into a sleek look to match a high-necked outfit.

The Y2K style has resurfaced big time, so there’s no better place to look for inspiration than the early 2000’s. To accessorize, use big pearly hair clips or a head full of metallic butterfly clips.

Pick a dress in your favorite color and fit. (Saloni Mistry)


Picking a dress can cause a mini case of analysis paralysis. But the key is to not overthink it. When in doubt, pick out a dress in your favorite color or pattern. And pick a fit that makes you feel good, whether it’s the popular open-back mermaid dress or a pastel bunch of tulle that makes you look like you’re a cloud — a fashionable cloud, of course.

Plenty of local prom stores have great, cheaper options if you want to look fancy on a budget.


Please, please buy accessories in advance. Thanks to COVID, plenty of us can’t remember the last time we had to wear fancy jewelry and therefore don’t have any. But nobody wants to look into their jewelry box on the day of the prom, just to find a few ring pop packets and a choker they bought in 2016.

Instead, invest in earrings that frame your face. Dangly earrings are funky and unique, featuring charms like pink flowers and tie dye spheres. These are easily paired with beaded necklaces.

Try layering chunky chain necklaces to create an edgy look. Thin, light silver charm chains will work for brighter colors.


Look, we all bragged to our friends in middle school about how we would “literally wear our old Converse” to the prom because we were “just weird like that.” However, the sooner you realize that life is not a 2010’s Disney movie, the sooner you can pick appropriate footwear.

If you’re really set on Converse, there are chunky platform high tops you can snag for under $100. According to the never-failing wisdom of Seventeen magazine, prom sneakers are in style, white shoes embellished with glittery stars and butterflies.

For a flash of color to complement a simple dress, try a pair of neon-pastel platform sandals (they’re cuter than they sound, I promise). Glittery black sandals and platforms are the perfect finish to a sleek dress.

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