Students recount racist behaviors

Roundtable: Racist Experiences

We interviewed students of color about experiences that they have had in the community because of their race. From coping with daily alienation to handling racism, they share their stories below.


June Kim

Korean – 12

This was actually like a month ago. I walked up to this lunch table and was talking to a friend. Very casually, somebody sitting at the table had made a comment about eyes while I was there, and was just basically making fun of my eyes and then proceeded to mock my eyes by making his eyes smaller.


Something like that is definitely more on the extreme level, but it is definitely something that people definitely experience. And I will say, that was a shocking experience to me.


Harsh Singh

Indian – 11

Whatever type of Asian you are, there’s this sort of Model Minority myth where you’re always expected to outperform your peers just because you’re Asian, and that’s what Asians do. They’re great at everything.


I receive a lot of comments about, “Oh, of course he got it. Of course the Asian guy got it.” I mean, they don’t outright say, “Oh he’s Asian, that’s why you got it.” But a lot of times, it feels like the hard work that was put into a task is just discounted and put aside simply because I’m Asian.


Caroline Sexton

Guatemalan – 10


There are definitely a lot of kids who don’t think that White privilege is real. Personally, I have four jobs because I have other stuff going on outside of school. And so kids are making fun of that. They’re like, “Oh, you’re just working so you can keep your green card.” They make everything about race. If you take away my skin, I’m literally the same as you.


Chelimo Reber

Black – 10


I think the worst by far has got to be my little sister. She goes to [middle school] and the racism over there is absolutely horrible. We have students in her class saying “negro” all the time, especially in Spanish, because they think they can get away with it. We got people saying the N word, saying the N word on tape, and talking about and boasting about how they say the N word fifteen times a day. 


Ryan Evans

Black – 12 


I’d probably say just having to fit in with people that maybe don’t have your best interests at heart. I feel like if there was a lot more diversity, you could find a group of people, whether it’s a small group or if it’s a larger group, where you have a common interest, or you have a common understanding.