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Faces of the basketball court

Shane Rogers, Boys Varsity Head Coach

How did the team train for this season?

We tried to take a lot of pride in the off-season. So at the end of last year, we finished 20 and 7. And our goal has always been to build upon the year before, which has been something that we’ve been successful in doing. And so us as a coaching staff, and especially the seniors, try to really give everything they’ve got in that spring off-season, last spring after our season. And, of course, work and play lots of games over the summer and come hit the ground running come August. I thought that we had a really good off-season, both spring and fall, and it’s led to some success early on in the season so far.

What difficulties have you encountered this season?

Right now, we’re a pretty deep team. So we have nine seniors, three sophomores, a freshman. So it’s kind of just balancing all those skills and attributes from each of the pkids. We have three football guys, which is more than what we normally have on the varsity team. And so, again, just trying to get those guys minutes, kind of get the rust off of their game and, again, ultimately contribute to a winning team.

What are the biggest strengths of this year’s team?

I think one of the biggest strengths is the versatility of our guys. We have guys that have length and have size, and allows us to play our defense certain ways, and then at the same time, get a chance to run and transition, which I think we do better than really any team that I’ve had as the head coach. And we score the ball much better than we have previously. And so, I think those two, as far as on the court, are some of the big advantages that our guys have. And then, it’s a great group to coach, and they’re great guys. High character guys. Love to be around each other. And that makes a difference, when you have a group that you just love to be around and love to coach. That’s what it’s about.

Talianna Jenkins, 12, Girls Power Forward

How would you describe this season’s practices in only a couple of words?

Hustle, sweaty, hard.

What are your goals for the season?

Have more chemistry on the team and be more of a leader.

What has been your most difficult match so far?

Playing Krum… because they were a really strong team and scrappy team, and we only won by a couple. So that was a really hard game… Krum was definitely a harder game because the girls were bigger and scrappier, and we won by a point, thank God.

Would you rather make the game winning shot or block an opponent’s shot to win the game?

Block the opponent’s shot to win the game… I feel like that’s just more of who I am, and my character because I’m more of a defensive player, and that just sounds better.

What pro player would you most like to play against?

Draymond Green.

Zane Hicke, 12, Boys Center

How would you describe practices this season in only a couple of words?

I’d say hardworking, intense. I mean, I just feel like we’re just only working hard because we know what our big goal is. The bigger picture.

What are your goals for the season?

At least go past the third round of playoffs, I’d say for a measurable one. And also get first place in District.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Yes, I give the pre-game speech every game. It gets everyone hyped up. And yeah, it just gets us all going.

What has been your most difficult match so far?

I feel like a lot of our games, we beat ourselves. But our most difficult match was probably Richland.

Addison Wragge, 9, Girls Center and Post

How would you describe this season’s practices in only a couple of words?

Very hardworking. It’s like everyone’s pushing each other. We are getting into rhythm, understanding each other, and I think it’s really good.

What are your goals for the season?

My game goals are making at least six points and around eight rebounds each game, but probably just, since being a freshman on varsity, I want to play my part right.

What’s it like entering varsity as only a freshman?

It’s really exciting. I’m really honored to be a freshman on varsity. I get to work with a lot of upperclassmen, I get to learn about them, and also learn about the future of what it’s like being a sophomore, or junior, or senior even.

Who do you think is the best player on your team?

I don’t really think we have a best player. Everyone is strong, everyone is different, everyone is very determined. But probably the best player, I would want to say, is either one of our captains.

John Wegendt, 12, Boys Point Guard

Do you have any post-game rituals?

After games, I’ll just hang out with the bros. Mostly, we go and eat some food, but mostly just laying low. Recovering the body.

What has been your most difficult match so far?

We played two tough opponents. Clear Brook and Richardson

Who’s your favorite player of all time?

I gotta go two, John Stockton and Larry Bird

Who do you think is the best player on the team?

I feel like we’re all goon in our own unique ways, but I gotta go with our two captains, Zane and Luke. They really lead the team.

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