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Quiz: Which 2020-21 impulsive hairstyle should you try?

People channel their 2020-2021 stress in many ways. For some, it’s by taking a walk or journaling. But if you’re like most people, it’s by ruining your hair.

Drastic hair changes are the backbone of every crisis, so take this quiz to choose the one for you. Just make sure to keep a certified hairdresser on speed dial.

Emily Seiler


What did you do the most during quarantine?

A) Take time to recharge and reflect

B) Watch Netflix

C) Play Animal Crossing

D) Eat ice cream and cry


Describe your sleep schedule:

A) You need those eight hours to do your best every day

B) Just enough to get through the week

C) You catch one to four hours a day, all during classes

D) There’s a stash of energy drinks under your bed exclusively for 3 a.m. binge watching


How do you cope with stress?

A) Exercising or reading a good book

B) Spending time with your friends

C) Listening to music or drawing

Emily Seiler

D) Donating all your clothes and buying a completely new wardrobe


How educated are you about current events?

A) You try to not look at the news too much

B) Most of your knowledge comes from social media

C) You don’t really know what’s going on at this point

D) You didn’t sleep at all on election night


Who do you mostly follow on social media?

A) School organizations and charities

B) Friends and influencers

C) Artists and YouTubers

D) Political commentators, all with very loud opinions


How much do you care about your appearance?

A) You put a lot of effort into your style

B) You try to keep up with the latest trends

Emily Seiler

C) Not that much — everything you wear just seems to work out

D) As long as you’re wearing clothes, you’re good


Mostly A: Bangs

This year’s been tough on everybody, but you’ve somehow managed to keep your emotions in check. Since you’re emotionally stable and your decision to make a drastic hair change is probably only impulsive, you’ll need a generally safe hairstyle. Cut your own bangs using only a pair of safety scissors and your bathroom mirror. If you do it right, they’ll look cute. If not, you can wear a thick headband until the hair grows back.


Mostly B: Dyed hair

You’re cool and trendy enough to know all about the 2020 dye trends, so try a different hair color. Gather inspiration from influencers online and dye it using boxed color from the closest beauty supply store, whether it be the tips of your hair or the entire thing. Convince your friends to do it too, and you can look like a pack of Skittles together.


Mostly C: Mullet

Congrats, you’re part of the lucky few who can pull off a mullet! You’re creative and unique, and too blissfully unaware to care about how unpopular mullets are. Things naturally look cool on you, so this short-in-front, party-in-the-back hairstyle will too. Spice things up by dying it your favorite color.

Emily Seiler


Mostly D: Shaved head

Between the current political, medical and economic situations, and your non-ideal coping methods, you’re at the end of your rope. Shaving your head is a good way to express your panic. Since you’re used to switching up your style, going bald won’t be such a big stretch for you. You can justify this poor coping mechanism by donating your hair to charity.


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Muna Nnamani, Managing Editor
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Emily Seiler
Emily Seiler, Design Editor
Emily Seiler is dead inside. She’s a senior who blames her laziness on senioritis, but it's really because she doesn't like to think. She’s always tired and rarely has the time of day to care about anything but newspaper and college applications. You should see her attempting to learn in government.

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