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Chemicals in food become subject of investigation

Jasmine Sachar and Molly Spain

January 23, 2012

    contain an illegal fungicide last week, the issue of the safety of the U.S. food supply is now being questioned. The illegal fungicide in the contaminated orange juice has been linked to liver cancer. The Food and Drug Administration Pres...

Junior reflects on anorexia throughout middle school years

Molly Spain, In-depth and Opinion editor

May 20, 2011

During her middle school years, junior Ali Williams* could not go to sleep until she felt her rib cage. She would lie on her bed and trace slender fingers along her flat stomach searching for the contours of her ribs. She wou...

Column: Club experience leaves scars

Molly Spain, Entertainment editor

May 18, 2011

  Just say no. Growing up, I never thought I’d actually have to use those three simple words we are taught throughout middle school. Yet, three weeks ago these words were all I wanted to mutter. I went to a club for the...

Venture to the greener side

Luke Swinney and Lauren Rose, Editor in Chief and In Depth Editor

December 2, 2010

Students explore vegetarian dietary habits The images flashed across the screen. Sick piglets thrown against the hard concrete slab on the slaughterhouse floor. Forklifts operated by muscled workers impale a helpless mother ...

Depression meds give students options

Luke Swinney and Alex Cain, Editor-in-chief and reporter

November 2, 2010

She stopped eating in middle school. It wasn’t an eating disorder, but junior Allison Turner’s* appetite still began to dwindle rapidly. If she managed to get anything down, she felt sick to her stomach. Turner soon disco...

The darkest of summers

Devon Miller, Feature Editor

November 2, 2010

Ian Drew lies in bed in a silent room. His empty brown eyes trace patterns on the ceiling. He’s so consumed by feelings of sadness and negativity that he can’t make himself get up. He doesn’t really want to anyways. He doesn’t...

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