Staff recommends: back to school music

The beginning of the year brings many emotions and memories, many of which can only be expressed by music. Whether going back to school means a chance for unlimited opportunities, or nine months or stress, there is a song that perfectly encompasses these feelings. These staff recommendations are sure to appeal to your back to school moods.

Ask Yourself – Foster the People:

“School reminds me that we are all working towards a goal, but for many people like me, that goal is still unclear. This song literally makes you “ask yourself” whether “this [is] the life you’ve been waiting for”. It sends the message that we have the ability to choose our paths, but it is up to us to decide where it leads.” Sanika Sule

Locked in a Cage – Brick + Mortar:

“Sometimes time school can feel like a cage but other times it’s enjoyable. This song starts gloomy and progressively grows happier.” Jacob Fontaine

I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy:

“The whole song is basically saying that they don’t care about anything, and the whole first week of school all can think about is how I don’t want to be here.” Victoria Price

Futures – Jimmy Eat World:

“This song is always a good reminder to me that the future is something to be excited about. We may not always know where life is going to take us, but if you spend your time dreading it you’re going to miss all of the good parts.” Alyssa Schmidt

The End of All Things – Panic at the Disco:

“It reminds me of the end of summer and having fun, and having to start school and be stressed.  It’s a change into a different lifestyle and doing what I want.” Cara Crocker