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Festive crafts for your loved ones

When the holiday season comes, we all start scrambling to get gifts for our loved ones. It’s a part of the Christmas season that can be fun but also stressful . Store bought gifts are great, but gifts that you make for your loved ones yourself contain meaning. Here are a few fun holiday DIY ideas.

DIY Ornaments: 

A major part of Christmas is the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Ornaments are such a jolly addition and making one for your loved one is a perfect gift. 

  • Get a clear ornament and open the top. You can get supplies such as glue, glitter, little snowballs, charms, and more. This creates a whimsical look . 
  • Next, close up the ornament by gluing the top on for a secure hold. Once closed, the outside of the ornament can be decorated with fun letters. Adding a loved one’s name or any phrase that connects you two is such a nice touch to this beautiful gift. 
  • Now it’s ready to go up on the tree.

Homemade Snow-globes:

This gift is such a magical addition to someone’s holiday. Snow-globes really portray a winter wonderland perfectly so here is how to create your own little winter globe. 

  • Take a small to medium-sized, smooth glass jar and gather water, glycerin, white or gold glitter, mini white balls, and any figurine you would like. The figurine adds to the meaning shared with the person you give it to. 
  • Open the jar and hot glue the figurine to the bottom of the jar. Next, add water, white or gold glitter, and those white balls inside. 
  • Then, take your glycerin and add about a spoonful inside to stir. 
  • Once combined, glue the top of the jar onto the jar for a secure finish. The top of the jar can be decorated as well. Wrap the globe up and it’s all ready to be given as a gift. 

Christmas Cards: 

My personal favorite are these beautiful Christmas cards. They might not be an expensive gift or a gift at all in some people’s eyes, but a card that is handmade holds greater meaning. An eye catching cover followed by a heartfelt message that is perfect for any loved one. 

  • This card starts off with a piece of paper that can be folded in half. 
  • Then, you can go in and add your favorite designs on the front and back half. Here is when my favorite hack comes in. Usually, when you use a Sharpie or any marker on paper it bleeds through. 
  • To solve this problem, I just take another piece of paper and fold it in half. Then, I write my letter or add any additional card designs on the inside of the folded paper. 
  • Finally, I combine the first folded paper with the second one and staple it together. This makes it so I can use all the markers I want and still have the other side of the page nice and blank for me to write on. This hack also makes the card a bit thicker, giving it a better look.
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Janisha Kesar, Reporter
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