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A Sinking Relation ‘Ship’

A breakdown of the album “When We Were Friends”

The Backseat Lovers are my favorite band to listen to when I’m feeling angry, sad or even ecstatic. Their music ranges from Indie-Folk to Indie-Rock. One of my favorite albums  “When We Were Friends” is a story of a boy and his tumultuous relationship with a girl throughout the years.

Starting with “Watch Your Mouth” we take the perspective of the boy and his feelings towards the girl after she’s moved on. He feels a deep anger that is rooted in his remorse for the relationship he had lost.

We then transition into “Pool House”, a recollection of how the boy’s relationship had ended. The boy is ready to leave the party but his girlfriend is nowhere to be found. We found out she had left the pool to go upstairs with another guy, leaving the boy to come to the realization that she’s cheating.

“Intuition” recounts all the events that show signs of their relationship coming to an end. The girlfriend was driving home with another guy, leaving the boy at a skatepark bleeding after he took a pretty hard fall.

“Kilby Girl” is a new chapter of the relationship, taking a more positive viewpoint. The boy recounts his thoughts of the girl when their relationship first started to blossom. The boy views her as rebellious and wants to know more about this mysterious girl. The tone of the story soon takes a more emotional turn.

“Dugout” starts with the boy being sad hoping for a positive light to numb his pain. The song transitions and has a more upbeat energetic tone. The boy finds the letters his ex-girlfriend wrote for him and he can’t bring himself to throw away what little he has left of her. He wishes he could tell the girl he hopes she has a good life, even while knowing she was the negative influence in their relationship.

“Davy Crochet” is a song about how the boy wanted to maintain the friendship he and his ex used to have. They spend time together in her house for a little bit before leaving together. The boy ends up treating the girl as if they were still dating without realizing, giving her his coat, asking about her day, etc. He admittedly realizes it’s unhealthy because he’s still in love with her.

During “Maple Syrup” the boy finds remnants of their relationship and he tries to distance himself from these reminders of their relationship. He wonders how the girl felt after he broke up with her. He feels a deep sense of guilt for blaming the girl for the failure of their relationship. He remembers promising his girlfriend he would never cheat and feels shameful for having lied to her.

“Olivia” tells the story of the girl’s life story ending with a sentiment to who the boy and girl were when they met, but when she goes off to college he thinks of how he’s only a boy with a couple songs and she’s a girl with a story to tell.

“Sinking Ship” is the closing song to the album, he’s on a road trip with his ex-girlfriend mourning her lack of love for him. He notices everything different about her now. she won’t look at him, her eyes lack the love they used to radiate with, he doesn’t know who to blame for this failed relationship. but one thing is clear, he misses what they had dearly.

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JC Mays
JC Mays, Photographer
JC (he/him) first year junior staffer, writer and reporter for the marquee. He loves cooking, writing and playing both piano and guitar.

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