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That’s the tea!

Reviewing local boba shops and drinks
JC Mays

Snowy Bingsu – 2601 Flower Mound Rd #111, Flower Mound

Pomegranate green tea with boba and passion fruit jelly (iced)


Possibly biased rating here as I have achieved “regular” status at Snowy Bingsu, but with how amazing the place is, it’s no surprise my siblings would be begging to go everyday after school with an 85% success rate. Not only is the shop itself super welcoming, but the staff is as sweet as their taiyaki. This drink is a wonderful combination of more citrusy and tropical fruit flavors paired with the refreshing green tea. The jelly and boba compliment the pomegranate flavors of the tea to make each sip fun and delicious.

TeaLatte Bar – 2701 Cross Timbers Rd Ste 238, Flower Mound

Seafoam green tea with egg pudding (iced)


TeaLatte Bar may be small in size but their menu is vast. They have a variety of drinks such as lemonades, smoothies and coffee alongside signature drinks and both regular and milk teas. There’s also a bunch of toppings and adjustments to levels of sweetness so each customer’s drink is as individual as them. Seafoam is definitely an eye catching descriptor and even though it’s unusual, the drink itself is amazing. It has the refreshing flavor of the green tea and the egg pudding gives a fun texture and a fun harmony of sweet and salty.

1102 Bubble Tea & Coffee – 330 Parker Square Rd, Flower Mound

Grapefruit jasmine tea 50% sweet with boba (iced)


Along the various buildings in Parker Square lies 1102 Bubble Tea. The space is minimalistic but still welcoming, with various areas to sit for larger groups of people. Rather than ordering via an employee, 1102 has an automated checkout which allows for a wide variety of specifications to be chosen easily. For people who have tried boba but aren’t ready to go far out with their flavors, a grapefruit jasmine tea is a wonderful first step. It’s fruity and herbal without being overwhelmingly sweet and the classic tapioca pearls compliment the floral flavors. 

Teaholic Teahouse & Restaurant – 2940 Justin Rd #100, Highland Village

Thai tea with boba (iced)


While Teaholic doesn’t have a large variety of options, their classic milk tea bobas are simple and delicious. The restaurant also has a wide variety of asian cuisine that’s delicious as it looks. This is an awesome spot to get dinner with friends or family, or just to stop in for a tasty tea. Thai tea was my first introduction to boba, and a classic flavor. If you’ve never tried boba before, this is a great option to try for your first time. The orange color of the tea might throw you off, but it’s sweet and cool, with none of the flavors being incredibly overpowering.

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About the Contributors
K. Reed
K. Reed, Section Editor
Reed (any pronouns) is Section Editor and is very really excited for their second year on staff. He spends her free time reading Neil Gaiman's wikipedia page, trying to come up with funny letterboxd reviews, or watching commentary youtube. 
JC Mays
JC Mays, Photographer
JC (he/him) first year junior staffer, writer and reporter for the marquee. He loves cooking, writing and playing both piano and guitar.

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