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Reya Mosby
Reya Mosby is a junior, and this will be her second year on staff. She has a passion for giving a voice to the voiceless and telling people’s untold stories through journalism. When she’s not cutting thousands of words off her stories, stressing out over deadlines and trying to convince Madi to let her keep an Oxford comma, she enjoys singing in choir and Marcus’ all-female a cappella group, Fusion, scream singing 70s music and eating mac and cheese. Reya wishes she could live in the 70s with her endless supply of scrunchies, her high waisted pants, huge pink Janis Joplin glasses, and an immense love for Elton John. She has been dubbed staff’s token extrovert and talker, so she is always down for a good conversation with any and everyone. She is so excited to make this year amazing and full of impactful stories and great memories with an amazing staff!

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Reya Mosby, Feature Editor and Business Manager

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Reya Mosby