All-state choir

Students across the state gear up for All-state choir

Thousands of choir students prepared for All-State choir auditions all over Texas in late September.

All-State choir is a selective and competitive choir. All high school choir students in the state of Texas are eligible to participate and audition for this choir. On Sept. 23, many tried out for a chance to move on from phase one.

This choir has several rounds called phases, and the first phase is district then region, pre area, area, and finally all-state. For each round, competitors receive different songs. In some rounds, competitors also have to sight read.

Choir director Wesley Davis coaches the students.

“All I want to do is see these kids succeed, but I can’t let everyone through,” Davis said. “It’s the nature of the beast.”

In order to succeed, competitors practice in their own unique ways. Senior Analyse Gordon improves by going to college camps in the summer.

Senior Michael Starr practices in a different way. At first he approaches songs as a whole, and once he has a base, he works little sections of it.

Senior Kevin Dockendorf often practices by recording himself. He listens to himself on the recording, critiques himself and continues to improve.

Davis reflects that practicing is essential.

“All-State is a lot of pressure,” Davis said. “If students don’t practice in pressured situations, they will not be as prepared.”

However, making the team relieves all the stress sophomore All-State alumnus Savannah Decrow said.

“Being in this choir is such a surreal experience,” Decrow said. “And it makes all the practice and time worth it.”