From One Generation to the Next

People crowded and walked busily around the main plaza. Various bright colored decorations lined the ground. Water sprayed out the stone fountain in various intricate patterns. Buildings that seemed to go forever lined the area leading to the main cathedral with its detailed and complex designs. To the side of the grand cathedral was a small food kiosk. 

Inside were two women speaking in Spanish talking to two small children. As they joked, joyous smiles spread across their faces.  At the mere sight of people, the young girl walked purposefully to the back of the kiosk counter waiting to assist them. 

Dolores Parroquia is a small family owned kiosk in downtown San Antonio. It was established in 2011, and it was branched off of another family owned restaurant, The Oasis Cafe, that was established in 1998. Since then, there have been many changes to downtown San Antonio. 

“This is the heart of San Antonio.” Veronica Mendoza, the current owner of the kiosk said. “Nobody was here before, and nothing happened in this plaza.”

The plaza has grown and developed since then. Now crowds fill up all the time to see it’s legendary Cathedral and light show. Veronica grew up here and explained that she was glad to see the area changing fast with the new generation. 

“I think [the changes] are better,” Veronica said. “Here in San Antonio people are a lot more friendly and helpful now.”

She has witnessed all the changes with her family. This kiosk and restaurant has been in their family for many generations, and is expected to be passed down to Veronica’s daughter Addysen Mendoza.

“How could you not want to work with your family?” Veronica said. “[Hard work] is something you want to teach your kids. It’s good to have kids know how to run a business, and what it takes to have a business.”

Addysen is just ten years old and eagerly awaiting to claim the family owned kiosk as her own. She loves everything from the light shows at the cathedrals to the hot chocolate stands during Christmas time. Family means a lot to her, and she loves being able to bond with her family over their love of this restaurant.

“I like working here with my family,” Addysen said. “ I basically grew up here, and it gives me so many good memories.”

At just nine years old she successfully runs the register, waits and busses tables and helps make menus items like snow cones. As the new generation in charge of the kiosk, she explained that she is excited to develop and improve it. Even with her new innovative ideas, she knows she will keep it a family owned and passed down business.

Her family voiced that they are happy regarding her excited and hands on view on owning the kiosk in her adulthood.  They love her innovative thinking and voiced opinions. Most of all, the family is excited to keep the business going and in the family. They love San Antonio and all its diversity and are excited to stay here with the business.

“[San Antonio] has helped to understand people better,” Veronica said. “You always think that people live the way you live. Everybody has different ways and different cultures.”