Review: Zalat Pizza


We ordered a half pepperoni half sausage pizza, our tried and true toppings.

To most Flower Mound teens, pizza is a staple of their diet. Ask any of them and they will gladly rattle off their favorite pizza joints. 

Zalat Pizza could be the newest edition to this list. Located on 5801 Long Prairie Rd Suite 690, this restaurant has been serving customers since June. 

Before you go, you should know that it’s take out and delivery only. You either order online or at the window. It’s perfect if all you want is to bring the pizza back home, maybe to a party or family gathering. Outdoor seating is an option, but it’s only a couple of seats and tables, not enough to accommodate many customers. Besides, no one in their right mind would eat outside in this Texas heat!

The menu had a variety of pizzas unique to the store and included vegetarian options. One of the more interesting items was the Pho Shizzle, a Vietnamese take on a traditionally Italian meal. The Nashville Hot Chicken & Pickles was another unique option. 

My brother and I shared the 18 inch NYC Style, large enough for us to divvy up without a fist fight. We also split a Caesar salad. The lettuce was typical romaine but the Caesar dressing livened it up. It was perfectly sweet and biting with added spices. It paired well with the pizza. 

The menu has multiple meat options. We chose half sausage and half pepperoni. The pepperoni was average, nothing exceptional. The sausage on the other hand was stupendous! Sharp, savory and soft. The crust was my favorite element. It was thin, doughy and delicious. That’s what I always look for with good pizza—a crust that grounds the rest of it, without distracting from the collective flavors. 

The Blue Cheese Ranch was a delicious addition to the pizza. It comes free on the side. (Alanna Reed)

Bougie is obviously not what Zalat Pizza is going for, which makes the $18 price tag a little much for my budget, but when you’re sharing with your older brother you have to be flexible. 

I’d recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an adventure. It’s a great way to support a local business while trying something new, especially if you’re willing to spend an extra buck on funky flavors or old standards.

Overall, I’d give my experience a 4/5. Zalat, while lacking Best Pizza Ever status, is certainly worth a shot.