Helpful tips for revamping your lunch

Lunch, a blissful 30 minute break from the everyday stressors of school. You get to spend with friends that you may not see at any other point of the day and eat. The expense of buying your meal every day can start to add up while bringing it from home turns into a constant cycle of the same ingredients. These are some helpful tips for revamping your lunch.

Main course: a sandwich is the obvious go-to. But the bread, meat and cheese combination can become repetitive and mundane. Stores such as Walmart and Tom Thumb carry pre-packaged salads that are the perfect size and come with a miniature fork. These salads range from the classic Ceasar to Asian. If you’re not a salad fan, Market Street and Whole Foods stock pre-made chicken wraps or other meals so that you can customize your perfect entrée. Another easy option is to cook meals at home over the weekend so you can grab-and-go on rushed morning. Pasta salad, grilled chicken for wraps, or even leftovers from dinner are perfect for this.

For some crunch: For a healthy alternative to chips, try some bell pepper strips and bring ranch or your favorite sauce for dipping. Another tasty option is pretzel chips with hummus. With a variety of flavors, hummus can satisfy any craving. Fresh and crisp fruit can add a sweet touch especially when the fruit is in season. If you wanted something more chip-like, Veggie Straws provide the same crunch sensation while tasting almost like a potato chip, just without the grease.

Brain food: Try some avocados or individual guacamole packs for a quick pick-me-up the in the middle of the day, they taste great and help maintain focus and concentration for the last two class periods. For mood improvement bananas are they way to go because of their potassium and folic acid. If you have a test or quiz munch on some nuts, especially walnuts, almonds or pecans to increase memory. They are easy foods to add in to salads or to eat by themselves.