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Seasonal Sips

Rating popular fall drinks

As you lay in bed, looking out the window, you spot warm colored leaves drifting off the trees. With fall in season, you realize it’s the time of year to snuggle in your bed with a fuzzy blanket and smell the cozy aroma of your pumpkin pecan waffle scented candle waft through your room. Getting in the fall mood, you feel the sudden craving of a fall drink. To finish off the final touches to our fall spirit, we tried five fall drinks from Starbucks and Dutch Bros to figure out which one completes the mood the best. 

  • Dutch Bros: Iced sweater weather chai w/ a shot of espresso- 5/5 

This drink will satisfy all your needs, from completing the season’s mood, to curing your sweet tooth while providing you with a kick of energy. The drink is a faint shade of beige brown with snow-white cold foam on top. The hefty flavor of espresso evens out the sweetness from the chai portion of this drink, creating the perfect balance of energy and sweetness level. This drink took the crown for us in taste, presentation, and fall-energy-accuracy. The slight smores aftertaste gives you a sensation of sitting by a campfire on a log bench, basking in the warmth of the fire with family and friends. Whenever your fall event calendar permits camping, make sure to take this drink along.

  • Dutch Bros: Iced Chai w/ salted caramel and cinnamon 2.5/5

For the coffee skeptics, we made sure not to forget about your fall drink needs. This iced chai with salted caramel and cinnamon puts you in the perfect fall vibes with the sweetness and kick of cinnamon. The drink is eggshell white with cold foam on top, and caramel drizzle around the cup. The embedded nutty flavor made this drink stand out to us. The chai also has a hint of eggnog flavor, while the cold foam perfectly complements it with its sweet marshmallow taste. For the chai lovers and coffee haters, this drink is made for your Halloween movie night binge.

  • Starbucks: Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte 3.5/5

Lo and behold – the world renowned Starbucks (iced) pumpkin spice latte. Presenting itself in the dome-lid clear aspect of this latte remains faint. This leaves it perfect for the Starbucks cup, this drink is a pastel-orange color with cinnamon dusted whipped cream. First sip I was pleasantly surprised to be hit with a sweet rush of both pumpkin and floral undertones. While the drink contains espresso, the coffee aspect of this latte remains faint. This leaves it perfect for the non-coffee drinkers who want a taste of fall. This fall-coded staple from Starbuckls is perfect for a shopping trip at Ross on a crisp October afternoon, or throwing a ball around outside.

  • Starbucks: Iced apple oat milk shaken espresso

When it comes to fall, sipping steaming apple cider comes to mind. This fall drink gives you just that feeling. Physically, the drink comes iced or hot, appealing to be ombre. The light coffee taste is perfect for non-coffee lovers who still want to get into the fall mood. For Starbucks, this drink took our personal favorite, reminding us of drinking apple cider or going apple picking during the fall. This drink is in the lead for fall lovers who can’t wait to get a taste of cinnamon apple pie. The sweet apple taste also reminded us of waking up in the morning, eating apple cinnamon oatmeal, and watching Gilmore Girls on a rainy day before school. 

  • Dutch Bros: Nitro caramel pumpkin brulée cold brew- 3/5

This custom cold brew is the best for fall chocolate lovers. The nutty and chocolatey undertone reminded us of making pumpkin chocolate brownies with the leftover pumpkin after carving. The drink’s milky taste fits just right for people who want the feel of coffee but want more fall flavor. The drink itself comes with pumpkin cold foam and a topping of cinnamon and cocoa powder, allowing drinkers to bask in the chocolate—pumpkin goodness with every sip.

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