Enchanting Promposal Ideas

How to ask someone to prom, because teenagers love overpriced dances and disgustingly sweet fruit punch

Asking someone to prom can be a daunting task but with this guide you can slay your promposal like the icon you are!

First things first, make sure the person you want to ask would be comfortable and available to go to prom. Keep in mind when it is (April 1) so you don’t ask someone out too late. Try to get these projects done around a month before so you can plan everything out and not be so stressy depressy.

This guide is also ordered by difficulty, price, and the type of person you want to ask (e.g. easy, cheap, and not into big gestures) so you can easily plan what you want to do and who it’s for. This is for anyone to use, whether you’re a guy, girl, gay, or they, because anyone can ask anyone to prom (romantically or platonically).


Handwritten Letter

Graphic by Sarina Mahmud

Difficulty: Easy

Price: $

This is for people who appreciate thoughtfulness, but aren’t into big gestures around others. Write the person you’re wanting to ask a letter, which could just include things you like about them or professions of your undying love. Add poetry or a quote if you want to channel your inner English major. For an easier plan just write, “Do you want to go to Prom with me?” Put in fun touches by using colored paper, patterned envelopes, stickers, etc. And to make it a little extra, give them the letter with candy or a stuffed animal.



Graphic by Sarina Mahmud

Difficulty: easy

Price: $

Posters are cute gestures for people who don’t mind something a bit more and like an artistic touch or someone more extroverted. This is a pretty open-ended way to ask someone out, allowing the design and message of the poster to be entirely up to you. When in doubt, reference their favorite piece of media. Use a scene from a movie/tv show, lyrics from an artist, or a line from a book, or tie in a hobby of theirs for a thoughtful touch. For more pizazz, attach balloons or use glitter. (this message is sponsored by JoJo Siwa).



Graphic by Sarina Mahmud

Difficulty: medium

Price: $$

This one is for people who have a love for food but not so much for social interactions. Making anyone something they can enjoy is a sure way to charm, and having something to eat while being asked to Prom is even better. Handmake a dish the person enjoys and ask the question  by arranging toppings to spell out “Prom?” If making food from scratch is too daunting, you can buy them something they like or take them out to a restaurant they’ve wanted to try. If you want to be a little gentleman, pair a bouquet of their favorite flowers with the delicious food.



Graphic by Sarina Mahmud

Difficulty: medium/hard

Price: $$

If done with a group of people, this is great for someone who’s a little silly and goofy XD. But if done alone, it also works for introverts. Use a game you already have, electronic or board, and play it. Allow them to win and take that opportunity to ask them while their temporary god complex is activated. You can also use the way a game is played, such as spelling out a promposal on a scrabble board.

An alternate, more complex option is getting friends to help plan a scavenger hunt and have the promposal be the prize at the end of the search.


Group Announcement

Graphic by Sarina Mahmud

Difficulty: hard

Price: $-$$$

This one’s for those who want a grand gesture and don’t mind a spotlight (Sharpay Evans). This can be done in a variety of social situations, like a club event or with a group of friends. If you’re more theatrical, you could perform a song or dance number with a group of people (the “Ginny and Georgia” tap dance scene but better) or get friends together to hold up signs asking them out. If you participate in an extracurricular, you can ask the person in charge for permission to do a promposal at the beginning or end of a game, show, or contest to knock their socks off.