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Can’t buy me love

Romantic getaways for seasonal dates

Oh, autumn. The season that poets romanticize endlessly. And who can blame them? No other season compares to fall’s air of romance. Cozying up with your sweetheart, listening to a scratchy record, or going out to appreciate the turning of the leaves. Here are some ideas for all the lovebirds looking for local, affordable and adorable dates.

Denton Square

Beth Marie’s is one of the best places for a fall date in Denton Square. (Avery Jerina)

Location: This is, of course, in Denton. It’s approximately a 20 minute drive from the school if you take 35E. But if you and your partner are looking for a more scenic route, take 407. It’s surrounded by trees and sprawling land which are delightful this time of year.

Cost: Denton Square shops like the Recycled Book Store and Downtown Mini Mall are secondhand stores that offer affordable gifts. Your date can buy you a worn copy of “Pride and Prejudice,” or a vintage poster of your favorite band.

Romance: In the center of the square lies the courthouse. It’s an ornate and beautiful building that’s been there since the late 1800s. Take a blanket, sprawl on the lawn and get lost in each other’s presence. Grab a bite to eat at LSA Burger, then mosey on over to Beth Marie’s, a nostalgic ice cream parlor. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into the 1950s. The Chestnut Tree, a small teahouse and bistro, is the cutest place to have brunch with your significant other.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park makes for a lovely nature-themed date. (Alanna Reed)

Location: This local park is located at 600 Spinks Rd. With sidewalk trails and spacious fields, Heritage is a safe and comfortable place to take your partner.

Cost: This is actually one of the more affordable dates. Roam about the park with your love for no charge. It’s a great place to bond and have fun without hurting your wallet.

Romance: A park during autumn is lovely. Breezes that filter through the trees. Leaves painted over with warm brown and red. Sharing a bench, shielding one another from the cold. Strolling along the trails, hand in hand, while laughter rings about. It will surely feel magical. Heritage Park is next to a neighborhood, but you would never guess that. Its pastoral landscape is reminiscent of the English countryside. The park is secluded yet open-spaced, and with your loved one beside you, you’ll feel like the only ones there.

A humble abode

Location: Your own home can be perfect for date night.

Cost: Baking a festive treat would be a relaxed and intimate activity for a pair. Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips would fit the theme well and be delicious. If you don’t already have the ingredients, going out and buying them should not be too much. The cheaper, the better.

Romance: Staying in can be just as romantic as going out. Tasty fall goodies made from scratch add a touch of spice to the evening. Once the pumpkin bread is finished, snatch a glass of milk and snuggle up on the couch. Play a card game for two. A match of gin rummy will add to the cute old couple vibe. Watching a charming romance movie perfects the date. “When Harry Met Sally” fits the seasonal air like a glove. The classic film “It Happened One Night” is an iconic rom com that can be found at the library. Cozying up with your partner in the warmth of your home is a splendid fall date.

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Alanna Reed
Alanna Reed, Feature Editor
Alanna Reed (she/her) is a senior and first year staffer. Writing is one of her many passions. Besides this, she’s probably obsessing over the Beatles (again), playing her ukulele, or listening to vintage records. It’s safe to say that she’s a right brained person through and through. Alanna is thrilled to be a member of staff this year, and hopes everyone enjoys the Marquee!
Avery Jerina
Avery Jerina, Photographer
Avery Jerina (she/her) is a senior and a first year staff member of The Marquee.  Avery began practicing photography in 2017 as a hobby. Her favorite things to photograph are her friends, nature, and overall creative shots. Aside from photography, one of her main passions in life is dance, and more specifically ballet. Avery has danced for nearly 15 years and has trained in a pre-professional ballet company in Coppell for 4 years. Avery is excited for her final year at Marcus!

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