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Where to get the best sushi in town

Editor’s note: this story was named as an honorable mention for print entertainment reviews in the ILPC contest. 

SushiYaa $ 3/5 stars

SushiYAA is a great place to get a quick, fresh meal on a budget. The restaurant consists of small tables and long, bar-like stool seating areas, making it easy to go out with parties of any size. The all-you-can-eat sushi buffet is a good deal for a low price. After you order your meal, plenty of sides, like ramen and tempura, are available for you to enjoy while you wait.

While it’s comforting to know that your rolls are made to order rather than hours ahead of time, this sometimes causes the rice to be a little warmer than desired when compared to the cold vegetables and seafood it surrounds. Nevertheless, I still found both the California roll and rainbow roll to be surprisingly tasty. Overall, I would definitely recommend SushiYAA for those looking for an appetizing, yet inexpensive Asian buffet without a long wait.

Piranha Killer Sushi $$ 4/5 stars

Piranha Killer Sushi has the perfect atmosphere for a nice dinner with family and friends. The large seating areas leave plenty of room to eat with big parties. Their service is fast when both seating and serving tables of any size, so there’s no need to worry about a long wait time. One of my favorite menu items was the shishito peppers. The flavorful appetizer gave the perfect kick while waiting for my main course.

The entrees, the California and spicy tuna rolls, later arrived in almost no time. The California roll seemed to be the standard classic that most would get at any sushi restaurant — good, but not memorable. However, I found the spicy tuna roll to be equal parts hot and savory. Despite not being my first choice, I would still recommend Piranha Killer Sushi to those looking to have a filling meal without breaking the bank.

Sushi Go $ 3/5

Fitting for its name, Sushi Go is perfect for take out and delivery orders. Although there are few tables in the restaurant, the fast service and small counter of additional Asian snacks make it a great place for a quick sit-down meal. After picking up my order, the first item I tried was their spicy tuna roll. While the crunchy panko, a bread crumb-like topping, on top seemed like an odd addition to the roll, the tangy sauce and unique addition of surimi quickly made it one of my favorites.

However, after taking a bite of their classic California roll, my decision slightly changed. Their use of large surimi slices, rather than the traditional krab salad, gave the roll a more fishy aftertaste than most. While this may not have made Sushi Go my top choice, their delicious variety of sides, such as their warm chicken and pork dumplings, still make it a worthy trip for a good, flavorful meal.

Sushi Fugu $$ 5/5

Sushi Fugu, located in the Shops at Highland Village, has a relaxed atmosphere and amazing food, making it the ideal sushi spot. Walking in, the dimmed lights and soft music automatically set the perfect mood. The simple menu card made ordering fast and easy, which meant the food came out quickly.

Their chicken Thai fried rice was one of my favorite entrees. Not only was it a delicious and plentiful serving, but it gave a different approach on the classic fried rice you would find at most Asian restaurants. Sushi Fugu hit all the marks on every roll I tried. The classic California roll had perfect proportions of rice and filling, the spicy tuna had a great amount of heat and the sauce on the eel roll was equal parts salty and tangy. While this restaurant may be a bit more pricey, every aspect of Sushi Fugu’s food and service exceeded my expectations. I would most certainly recommend stopping by during your next sushi craving.

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