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The Marauders played the Waxahachie Indians last week at their home opener and came out on top 55-38.

Around the district

How the other football teams in the district are doing so far this season
Samson George September 19, 2019

The Marauders, who are ranked third in the district, are currently in a bye week. However, the football team is still preparing for their upcoming games. Here is everything you need to know about the teams...

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Last week, the Marauders beat the McKinney Boyd Broncos 26-19.

Marauders win football home opener

The Marauders defeat the Waxahachie Indians 55-38 in the home opener
Samson George September 14, 2019

The Marauders took care of business this Friday at their first home game, getting the win against the Waxahachie High School Indians. The Marauders started with the ball and drove down the field on...

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Last week, the Marauders came out victorious over the Poteet Pirates 53-46.

Marauders prepare for home opener

Samson George September 12, 2019

After getting their first win of the season on the road last Friday, the Marauders are preparing to play the 6-A Waxahachie Indians tomorrow at 7 p.m. on their home field.  The Marauders are looking...

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With the start of the fall season comes the beginning of multiple school sports.

Go, fight, win!

Athletes give their take on the start of fall sports
Adriana Pueskens September 8, 2019

Riley Vaughn   Volleyball  Next game: Sept. 10 What are Volleyball’s goals this season?: “Our goals this season are to be first in districts because we really think we can win...

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Senior Ethan Barr scored a touchdown with only 24 seconds left on the clock. After the game, the team gathered together to celebrate.

Marauders beat McKinney Boyd 26-19

Samson George September 7, 2019

The Marauders beat the McKinney Boyd Broncos 26-19 to get their first win of the season at last night’s game. “When they rang the bell, we answered it,” head coach Kevin Atkinson said. “We matched...

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The varsity girls team placed 8th out of 34 teams and junior varsity placed 2nd out of 18. Senior captain Claire Reader said that multiple girls set new records, putting them on the path to a successful season.

Cross country hosts Marcus Invitational

Cross country kicks off their season
Michael Minton September 5, 2019

Cross country season is well underway with two meets done. Most recently this past weekend Sept. 7 the Marauders competed in the Southlake Invitational.  Varsity boys came 22nd out of 35 teams and...

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The Marauders lost their last game 28-14 against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers.

Marauders prepare for game against McKinney Boyd

Samson George September 5, 2019

The Marauders are hoping to make a comeback tomorrow as they go on the road to challenge the Broncos after a loss against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers 28-14 last week. The non-district matchup will...

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The Marauders huddled together after their loss to get pumped up for their next game.

Marauders defeated 28-14 in season opener

Samson George August 31, 2019

Thursday night the Marcus Marauders were defeated 28-14 on the road against the James Bowie Volunteers. Marcus started their 1st drive with a fumble, which the Volunteers went on scored, going up 7-0...

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The football team came out on top at their last scrimmage and are hoping to continue their success as they head into their first game of the regular season.

Kicking off the football season

Football team prepares for the first game of the season
Samson George August 28, 2019

With the preseason coming to a close, the football team has focused on their team motto of “ELITE” and making a team effort. On Thursday, the team will get the chance to put those words into action...

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During the varsity game, sophomore Caroline Hilliard runs toward the goal. The team ended their season after their game against Byron Nelson on March 29.

Big cleats to fill

Girls soccer rebuilds after state-finalist team graduates
Michael Minton April 26, 2019

Sweaty and exhausted, the varsity girls soccer team knew the 2018 state championship game wasn’t looking good. Houston Memorial moved so fast and never seemed to tire. When the final buzzer rang, the...

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Meet the mascot - John Creley

Meet the mascot – John Creley

Madi Olivier April 26, 2019

The mascot is an iconic part of school history, and can be seen at almost every pep rally and sporting event. However, most students don’t know who is actually in the suit. Get to know the person in...

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Out of the park

Softball underclassmen commit early
Madi Olivier April 26, 2019

Deciding what college to go to can take years, and even some seniors don’t know where they want to go. However, these two underclassmen have their collegiate futures planned before most students their...

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