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Trash and Littering

Students and organizations are trying to fix the school littering issue

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Administration is making an effort to resolve the growing issue of littering and trash by having organizations and clubs routinely pick up garbage around the campus.

In Texas, littering is considered illegal and can be charged with a fine up to $500. Even so, students leave behind excessive amounts of trash such as food packages, plastic items and cigarette butts on school grounds.

“I think the amount of trash reflects the students, and it is not reflecting well,” junior Macy Martin said.

Recently, Principal Gary Shafferman notified teachers of this environmental problem and has scheduled for different school groups to clean up areas of the building that contain garbage.

Teams and organizations such as soccer, football, Marquettes, student council, AFJROTC and many more are committed to making an impact. They hope to use their school influence to change the school and environment for the better.

Students in these organizations travel around the front and back of the school along with the stadium to properly dispose of garbage.

AFJROTC member Dominique Stoner said his group cleans in an orderly fashion, dividing up into groups of five or six. He mentioned they always find tons of trash but feels it is students’ responsibility to preserve the world for future generations.

“I think people tend to not care. They think another person will clean any trash up or another person will fix the mess, but the problem just continues to grow,” softball player Ariana Sanchez said.

Football player Ethan Barr also believe there is strength in numbers in fixing the littering problem.

“There are a lot of people in teams such as football, so if everyone could help out or pitch in, I think that would really make a difference,” Barr said.


Math teacher and student council advisor Gina Karbs suggests that having more trash cans available in the parking lot might help the current situation.

Marquette director Alice Dack also expressed that it brings their team closer together in many different aspects.

“I think this helps tremendously because the organizations that are participating all have a lot of pride in their school, so the fact that they are invested in cleaning it up will make a big difference,” Dack said. “We make it fun and make games or contests out of it, and try to enjoy ourselves and the process.”

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Trash and Littering