LISD reacts to racial controversy at basketball game

LISD reacts to racial controversy at basketball game

Lewisville ISD is currently investigating an issue that occurred at a basketball game between Flower Mound and Plano East on Feb. 13. A snapshot appeared on Twitter depicting students on the Flower Mound side of the stands holding up two signs that said “white” and “power.” Quickly, parents and students reacted to the photo on Twitter, some condemning the students and others saying it was accidental.

The signs were part of a group of other signs used to spell out messages. The “white” sign was part of the Flower Mound school colors, which are blue and white. The “power” was part of the cheer “jaguar power.”

The signs were held up near the end of the game. After three overtimes, witnesses said that the crowd on both sides of the gym was becoming more and more rowdy. They were held up for about 30 seconds before teachers rushed into the stands and made the students take them down.

The snapshot blew up on Twitter, and negative tweets followed.There was also talk that Flower Mound students defecated and urinated inside the Plano East’s team bus. However, this has not been confirmed.

Dr. Kevin Rogers, the interim superintendent for LISD, released a statement about the incident. He stated that the incident “has not and will not be tolerated in LISD.” He said that the investigation is ongoing, and that LISD “regrets that this unfortunate event has been elevated to this level on so many social media circles.”

Rogers finished his statement by giving out his condolences to Plano East on behalf of LISD.

This event has also affected Marcus. Students are no longer allowed to bring homemade signs to sporting events. The signs will be confiscated and not returned.