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Marauders beat Hebron Hawks 34-33

Recap of Sep. 22 game
Anya Jain
85 yard touchdown-run by Quarterback Brock Golwas

At first glance, what seemed like a losing game with a 27-7 deficit going into the second half, quickly turned into a shocking overtime win by the Marauders against the Hebron Hawks. The Marauders scored 20 unanswered points in the second half and blocked a punt in overtime allowing them to secure a 34-33 point win on Sep. 22. 

Only seven minutes into the first quarter, Hebron had already completed two touchdown passes, leaving Marcus with a 13-point deficit. But after a rough start in the first quarter, the Marauders were able to get themselves on the board with an 85-yard touchdown run by quarterback Brock Golwas.

However, the gap wasn’t closed for long. With 1:40 left in the first quarter, the Hawks responded with a touchdown pass, leading Marcus 20-7. And by halftime, the Hawks extended their lead 27-7, leaving the Marauders trailing by 20 points.

Starting the third quarter, the odds seemed against Marcus. The team was down 20, with three turnovers. At this point, making a comeback seemed impossible for Marcus.

During the third quarter the D-line was able to shut Hebron down with seven sacks. The Marauders were also able to secure a field goal, barely lifting them 27-10. 

However, after a long and quiet third quarter, defense came in clutch for Marcus. Five minutes into the fourth quarter, the Marauders scored a special teams touchdown from 21 yards out on a missed punt snap, narrowing the lead to 27-17.

As the clock ran down, the Marauders searched for a way to win. And with only a few minutes left in fourth, quarterback Dane Parlin connected with wide receiver Rhett Garza on a 30-yard touchdown pass to further narrow the lead to 27-24.

Time was ticking, and every second counted. The Marauders were just short of 3 points. And with two minutes in the fourth, kicker Owen Gall nailed a 39-yard field goal, tying the game and forcing an overtime

The Marauders had the ball to start, allowing quarterback Parlin to connect with wide receiver Karic Grennan, giving Marcus their first lead of the night 34-27.

What looked like a definite Marcus victory, was threatened after a rushing touchdown from Hebron, narrowing the score to 34-33 with only a few minutes left in the first overtime.

For defensive tackle Jace Bardwell, he took Hebron’s touchdown personally. 

“I blamed myself in a way,” Bardwell said. “I felt like I should have been able to be there and make that play to stop him from getting into the end zone.”

All eyes were focused on Hebron’s kicker. If he successfully made the extra point, the game would tie, forcing a second overtime. 

Bardwell knew he needed to do something to prevent another OT.  And as the ball inched in the air, he blocked the punt, closing off a win for Marcus. 

Marcus’ win was their first of the season. The team hopes to use this win as motivation for others.

“I know that now that I got this taste in my mouth, that’s all I want. All I want us to do is win” Bardwell said. 

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Sameeha Alidina
Sameeha Alidina, Reporter
Sameeha Alidina (she/her) is a first year staffer and a reporter for the Marquee. She absolutely loves watching sports (football and basketball are on top). She also really enjoys baking and is an enthusiast for the color pink! 
Anya Jain, Photographer
Anya (she/her) is a first year staffer and a photographer for the Marquee. Her hobbies include listening to music, reading, and taking photos! She aspires to become a lawyer in her future. 

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