Football Marauder Matchup: Trinity 9/9/22


Jayni Gogineni

The Marauders are 0-2, before their matchup against the Trinity Trojans on 9/9/22.

Starting the season 0-2, the upcoming home game against the also 0-2 Trinity Trojans on Sep. 9 at 7p.m. will decide which team will earn their first win of this season and which team will fall to an 0-3 start.

This year, the Marauders’ season has begun with back to back losses. The first being a 38-24 loss to #26 in the state, Highland Park and the second coming from a 38-7 loss to #5 in the state, Southlake Carrol.

Senior wide receiver Ashton Cozart says the small mistakes costed the Marauders a win in their first game against Highland Park.

“I think we kind of shot ourselves in the foot with all the penalties, but I mean we’ve been working a lot and we’re definitely gonna fix that,” Cozart said. “I feel like we learned a lot from that game. We made a lot of mistakes. A lot of immature mistakes.”

Cozart says fixing those mistakes could take this team far.

“I feel like maybe if we didn’t, we could’ve won by more than two touchdowns,” Cozart said. “But there’s definitely some stuff we need to fix and we need to work on. I’m just glad we got it out of the way in the first game.”

Senior wide receiver Ashton Cozart recorded 108 yards and the only touchdown of the night against Southlake Carrol on Sep. 2 (Jayni Gogineni)  

Meanwhile Trinity’s first two games of the season were a 17-13 loss to #27 in the state, Prosper and a 68-38 loss to #62 in the state, Rockwell-Heath.

Junior quarterback Cole Welliver says he likes the way the offense matches up against Trinity’s defense.

“I think it’s going to be a good matchup,” Welliver said. “Their defense is definitely big upfront but once you get into their secondary, I don’t think they can stop us.”

Offensive Coordinator Tim Morrison says the focus on this game is less about trinity but instead more about working on themselves.

“I think we can do some things that get them out of take advantage of what they do,” Morrison said. “I’m excited to watch our kids play and really, it’s not as much about trinity, as it is about us. Watch us, improve on what we’ve done, build on what we’ve done and correct the mistakes we’ve made.”