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Senior breaks career goals, assists points records

Photo submitted by Kate Lapin
Joy was born to a hockey family in Canada and immersed into hockey culture at a young age.

After four years of playing on the Flower Mound Marcus Hockey team, Senior Griffin Joy finished his final Flower Mound Marcus FMM Hockey season, as the leader in career goals, assists and scores. With 34 goals, 37 assists and 71 points, points being goals and assists added together, Joy now owns all the top records of the franchise.

Junior and FMM hockey teammate Robert Wohlitz says that Joy’s team player mentality and willingness to help the team made him the perfect person to set the new records.

“It’s a good person for it to happen to,” Wohlitz said. “He’s always there for the team and wants to help out the best he can.”

Born into a hockey family, Joy was introduced to the sport at an early age. In his earliest memories, he remembers running around playing street hockey in the road with all of his friends in Canada.

“Something about hockey set it apart from any other sport,” Joy said. “And I guess it’s just in the Canadian blood to play hockey.”

When Joy moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin at 3, his passion for hockey grew. There, he began playing ice hockey and still remembers his 6-year-old self, scoring goals in the playoffs on his youth team.

Joy said he remembers how difficult the transition to ice hockey was, but also sees how far he’s come since.

“It’s scary, going around, holding onto those little buckets, going around the edge of the ice rink,” Joy said. “But eventually I just caught on, and now it’s like riding a bike. I could skate backwards with my eyes closed.”

Around fourth grade, Joy began getting into more competitive hockey, playing at higher levels of ice hockey like his AAA team, the Green Bay Gamblers.

It was around this age that he hit a roadblock in his hockey career. He knew he wanted to keep playing hockey, but the constant practices and games began to wear him down.


Joy recorded 34 goals and 37 assists which adds up to 71 total points in his hockey career. (Photo submitted by Kate Lapin)

“It was a couple of weird years where I just didn’t know if I really enjoyed the sport,” Joy said. “I’d say middle school is when it completely separates the top players and people who were just there to have fun and it was just so much practicing.”

Joy moved to Texas in his freshman year, when he first joined the FMM hockey team. At the very first game, Joy knew he fit in perfectly.

“Everyone was welcoming and it was just great,” Joy said. “I met the coach and he’s really nice. I met my two best friends that I’ll probably have for the rest of my life.”

Joy’s first and second years at FMM hockey ended in the playoffs early. But he remained determined, trying to learn from the seniors on the team.

“They taught me everything, from outside of hockey and inside the rink,” Joy said. “I looked up to them, everything they did, like getting ready for games.”

Going into junior year, Joy felt his ability reach a point where he could really contribute to the team.

“Junior year is where I realized I was producing a lot,” Joy said. “My linemate that junior and senior year, we just fed off of each other so well. We were just dominating every game.”

That season, the FMM varsity gold hockey team was the last team to qualify for the playoffs.

That year’s team upset numerous teams, making it all the way to the state championship against Frisco.

Wohlitz says that going into the championship, the team was ready to rely on Joy.

“We knew Griffin was going to be one of our top guys,” Wohlitz said. “Not just for his skill but because of his leadership.”

Junior and FMM player Cade Venuk says that Joy’s technical skills are what separates him from the rest.

“He’s a very smart player,” Venuk said. “He doesn’t make many mistakes.”

In double overtime, the FMM team won their first ever state championship winning 2-1.

“It was the most fun I’ve had in my entire career,” Joy said. “Just being and playing with that group of people throughout all four years, you get to see everyone grow up and mature.”

The following year, Joy was able to become both the points and assists leader in the last game of the season.

“Everyone was congratulating me and it felt good,” Joy said. “But I hope someone breaks it soon because we’re a relatively new organization. And I’m pretty sure one of my teammates will break it next year.”

This year’s season ended in the quarterfinals in multiple close games against Frisco.

But Joy hopes FMM hockey continues having success, years after he leaves.

“FMM is just a family and I hope it grows,” Joy said. “I hope people will start coming to the games, start recognizing the players and all the work they put into their play every night.”

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