Marauders prepare for game against McKinney Boyd

The Marauders lost their last game 28-14 against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers.

Samson George

The Marauders lost their last game 28-14 against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers.

The Marauders are hoping to make a comeback tomorrow as they go on the road to challenge the Broncos after a loss against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers 28-14 last week. The non-district matchup will be at 7p.m. in the Broncos Stadium.

“Our big focus this week has been about bouncing back and not letting week one define us,” junior quarterback Garrett Nussmeier said.

The Marauders defense gave up 28 points to Arlington, but they are looking to prevent Broncos sophomore quarterback Carter Whitefield from scoring.

“We [have] got to stop their runs and contain their quarterback,” senior middle linebacker Ethan Barr said. “I think we have a good chance of shutting them down this week.”

The team is looking to repeat the same success they had last year when they beat the Broncos 41-28. Nussmeier threw for 187 yards and scored a touchdown, while the running backs found the end zone four times.

To beat the Broncos again this year, the Marauders have been analyzing last week’s game and working to fix their mistakes.

“Last week we had too many missed cues,” Nussmeier said. “We just [have] to be together as one when we get [in the red zone].”

With their new head coach Joe McBride, the Broncos won their season opener against Naaman Forest 45-7. Whitefield threw for three touchdowns and 160 yards, while senior wide receiver Kareem Coleman had two catches, two touchdowns and 125 yards.

“They’re going to be a well-coached team,” Nussmeier said. “We just [have] to come out and play our game.”