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Senior survey: Most embarrassing moment

Tara Connick
Seniors revealed their most embarrassing moments and more in The Marquee’s senior edition, which is available on

These answers were part of our senior edition, which was released in May 2020. The full issue can be found here

“Running upstairs with a gallon jug in my hands, then I tripped, face planted, and dropped my jug and water burst everywhere” — Hayden Self

“Being in the dress code video” — Noah Kirkpatrick

“Just look up @rileyv.sings (no I don’t know the password)” — Riley Vaughn

“Dropping my water jug in the band hall and spilling water everywhere, Kevin with the chili bowl style” — Renee Gomez

“I was walked in by a teacher singing a bad rendition of ‘Hallelujah.’” — Justice Douse

“I don’t do embarrassing things. Rip to everyone else but I’m different” — Abigail Frantz

“Falling over in my chair while leaning against the wall to take a nap” — Zeke Camden Dayton

“Pooping my pants in kindergarten (worst day ever)” — Grant Papazian

Eating a cashew sophomore year even though I was allergic to prove I could and ended up throwing up in the A hall trash can.

— Emma Janeway

“Maybe walking into random classes or dropping things in the hallways” — Mia Taylor-Fitzgerald

“Shalina Sabih friendzoned me sophomore year. I will never give up though” — Jadan Ruckdeschel

“Walking into the women’s restroom on the first day” — Miguel Elliott

“Anytime I existed freshman year” — Ben Contreras

“Sitting on a table and breaking it and falling in the field house in front of the varsity FB boys” — Shalina Sabih

“Dropping my phone in a school toilet while taking a #2” — Sam Coad

“When we were taking a test and an UNWRAPPED tampon somehow fell out of my backpack and my male teacher had to point at it so I would pick it up” — Preslie Hutcherson

“Going to the wrong class” — Kendall Bailey

“Don’t remember, probably something dumb” — Jenna Hauck

“My first day at MHS junior year I accidentally charged at a random girl thinking it was my friend” — Mary Handley

“Coming to school freshman year after getting an awful haircut” — Adam Matthews

“Nothing I’m perfect” — Natalie Bonner

“Spilling white paint all over the stage two days before ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was shown at Marcus” — Nathan Tonti

“Mr. Sherrill correcting everything I wrote in front of the class” — Tyler Dawson

“Any presentation I had to do because I can always expect to mispronounce a word” — Victoria Alonzo

“When Remi Dzwolak rejected me” — Peyton Gibbs

“Falling down the stairs in 9th grade” — Lauryn Walters

“I pooped my pants in class” — Addison Eads

“When my swag is too much for people to handle” — Mai-An Luu Nguyen

“All moments” — Morgan Mayers

“When I was the mascot” — Cade Maner

“Taking an embarrassing wrestling picture and one kid found the picture and spread it around” — Andrew Wegendt

“Laughing so hard that I fell off a chair in newspaper and left a skid mark from my boot on the floor” — Ayra Charania

“Driving my car over a parking bumper in the Marcus parking lot while everyone was walking out of a football game and watched me get my car stuck on top of it” — Briltyn Halbert

“Spilling Orbeez in class” — Bella Fortino

“When I had to tell the whole school the lights weren’t going to turn off in the blackout pep rally” — Garrett Karbs

“Cursing in front of my directors” — Madeline Cherry

“Breaking the scalpel while dissecting our biology cat because I was trying to cut off the toe (sorry Mr. Hinsley)” — Emily McLeod

“Getting a 9 on my first quiz in high school and being dubbed “Single Digit Sam” (my favorite nickname to date)” — Sam Thornfelt

“When I accidentally called 911 in biology trying to fix my phone” — Miranda Lutterbei

“When my skirt was hiked too far up the second day of freshman year” — Destiny Simpson

“Admitting my crush to a boy and giving him my number after stalking him at his job (he did not call me)” — Claire Reader

“When I fell in the middle of the floor during the biggest competition of the season in front of several thousand people” — Morgan Lyons

“Leading the red and white chant at the black out pep rally when the lights didn’t work” — Celine Tobias

“Too many” — Arianne Van Der Stuyf

Just look up @rileyv.sings (no I don’t know the password).

— Riley Vaughn

“Getting called out for walking the halls” — Autumn Dodson

“Not ending the 2020 track season with a PR” — Aaron Guerra

“I once peed myself in my car on the drive from Marcus to my house after seeing a play” — Logan Collins

“Freshman year” — Gwyneth Glanton

“I blew a snot bubble in front of three people during a study sesh” — Aynslee Barber

“My Last Lifeboat callback” — Lauren Herba

“Getting kicked out of cheer practice” — Bella Whitesell

“When my gym teacher thought my older sister and I were twins” — Katie Mann

“Sophomore AVID trip” — Cameron Neustupa

“When I tried to deadlift in Crocs” — Michael Minton

“I peed my pants timing the mile in track. I am not a distance runner” — Tatum Green

“Jumping a fence at XC practice and ripping my shorts” — Dahlia Clark

“Falling on my face in front of the entire choir” — Julia Campopiano

“Forgetting my ID at home” — Emma Eidmann

“Hitting my boot on a mat and tripping in front of the whole school during a pep rally” — Sarah Wilson

“During a fire drill I was on crutches and it was raining outside. The whole school was already outside and watching as me and Dakota (who was also on crutches) struggle to get to where we needed to be” — Bailey Tadolini

“When I ate a Kit-Kat wrong in my college prep math class and everyone started yelling at me” — Hayden Phillips

“Eating a cashew sophomore year even though I was allergic to prove I could and ended up throwing up in the A hall trash can” — Emma Janeway

“Sleeping through my last student council meeting ever” — Lauren Szlosek

“Getting a C in APUSH” — Marcus Anderson-Valencia

“HOCO Carnival-riding mechanical bull for nine secs, falling off and celebrating too early over my nine secs that the bull’s head swung around and hit me in the back of the head in front of my gf and friends” — Patrick Bevins

“Never knowing what school event was going on” — Nancy Benitez

“9th grade through 12th grade. Except for that one time Mr. Wilhite put me in a Kahoot as an option for ‘Who is Mr. Wilhite’s favourite student?’ and I got two votes including myself” — Hana Ajam

“Dancing with the volleyball team on the court during a set change at the middle school volleyball game” — Delayna Darvin

“A conversation I had freshman year with my service project group a Whole Foods” — Nikhita Ragam

“That time I split my leggings entirely down the middle in Mr. Stoeberl’s class” — Riley Vaughn

Spilling white paint all over the stage two days before ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was shown at Marcus.

— Nathan Tonti

“Getting caught vaping under a blanket on a field trip” — Jordan Litten

“When my stunt fell during the patriotic pep rally” — Kaitlyn Reichenberger

“How could I possibly choose?” — Caitlin Kinder

“When the entire Flower Mound student section chanted ‘We want Allison’ during the Mound Showdown volleyball game” — Allison Leone

“When I had my flashlight on during the pep rally” — Bailey Roden

“Forgot to bring a paper for AP World. Not fun” — Catherine McKisic

“Didn’t happen at school, but I was studying in the library with friends and farted REALLLLYYY loudly” — Carol Anne Starks

“When I passed out after the blood drive” — Adriana Pueskens

“Dislocating my thumb on my mom’s birthday” — Tatiana Beach

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