Volleyball honors manager’s team in Heart of the Marauder


Ana Maria Myers Olvera

Junior Cayli Minick’s family was featured during the Sept.28 Heart of the Marauder game.

At the Heart of a Marauder volleyball game on Sept. 28, the team honored varsity team manager Cayli Minick and her family.

Last year, Cayli’s father passed away from an autoimmune disease. The volleyball team chose to honor their family to help pay for medical bills. 

“He was sick for a long time and those medical bills really rack up over the years,” varsity volleyball coach Danielle Barker said.

In total, the team raised over $2,000 for the Minick family. Donation cards were sold to fans for $1 each and were hung on a wall in the MAC in the shape of a heart. Even after the game, those who could not attend the game could send money through Venmo. 

 Senior Maggie Boyd said they were all happy they could show their support and honor her family. 

“It was really close to our hearts because we were raising money for our team manager,” Boyd said.

Senior Paige Hildebrand said that they wanted to make Cayli feel like she was loved and special.

“We tried to let her know that she was not alone, and we had her back,”said Hildebrand.

Cayli said she was grateful for everything they did and would never forget their unconditional aid.

“There were a lot of people there for me and a lot of people cared for me, so I know that I have a community supporting me if anything else happens,” Cayli said.