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Baby Steps

Pregnancy clinic opens new location in Flower Mound

Inside the bathroom, Anna* hovered over her toilet. Her hand covered her mouth and her leg was shaking. Time felt like forever. Suddenly, she gasped, looking down at the two lines marking “positive” on the pregnancy test. So many questions filled her mind. She was overwhelmed, not knowing where to go or how to ask for help. 


Pregnancy can be different for everyone. For some, there might be feelings of excitement. They might have always wanted a baby or have been trying for a long time. Other mothers might be experiencing moments of fear and panic, not knowing where to start.


Denton-based Loreto House recently opened a second location in Flower Mound, near the corner of Cross Timbers and Morris, less than five minutes away from the school. This is a non profit, pro-life center that offers help and guidance for mothers, their children, 3 and under, and their families. 


Since the new location opened in April, Executive Director Randy Bollig has seen an extreme increase in people that need their help. Him and his team have been joyful, helping women and teens in the area. 


“It has just been phenomenal,” Bollig said. “So it proves that there is definitely a need for our services, and we’re helping a lot of women in the community.”


With their new location being so close to the school, and other neighboring schools, there is a place for students to go that is closer to home. 


 “Every woman’s situation is different,” Executive Director Randy Bollig said. “We help with not just her pregnancy, but also whatever’s going on in her life.”


When Anna* arrives, she is offered counseling, resources, residential and medical help. When she walks into the light colored building, she’ll be greeted by an assistant. As she looks around, she’ll notice the comfortable atmosphere, with seating areas, lamps, and pictures of positive sayings on the wall.  


Anna* will then be provided with counseling sessions, which will assist her with any help she needs prior to her start at Loreto House.  Each session is with an advocate who has a story behind why they work at Loreto House.


 Advocate Michelle Splaver works at Loreto House to provide mothers with a safe space. She said she has connected with the mothers, 


“My favorite part of working at Loreto House is the amount of compassion it gives me,” Splaver said. “Working here gives me hope and I feel for every mother I meet.” 


After parents have reached a certain amount of weeks at Loreto House, they are rewarded  with items in what they call the gift shop. The room is filled with  maternity clothes, diapers, and childrens toys. Local organizations, clubs, and volunteers donate new items and also crochet blankets and stuffed animals for these women


With Loreto House being a faith-based organization, they also provide spiritual help for the women including counseling . If Anna* chooses, she can also walk into the chapel where there is prayer every morning. 


Junior Chelimo Reber said Loreto House will be beneficial to not only students from local high schools, but others in the area. 


“I think these opportunities are beneficial because during a time like this. A lot of people could get kicked out or shunned from their house,”  Reber said.  “Having something like Loreto House would help them have a home during such a stressful time.”  

*Anna is a compilation of women seeking services. 



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