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Band kicks off season with new head director
Emily Lundell
Director of Bands Jeffrey Jones has a family history of musical talent. Growing up, his mother was a member of a quartet and had musicians constantly going in and out of their house.

This past spring, Jeffrey Jones took over the position of Director of Bands from Amanda Drinkwater, who had been at that position for over a decade. Drinkwater left to take a job as LISD’s Fine Arts Director late last school year.

Jones previously worked as a band director at Mesquite High School and an assistant director at Poteet High School.

“I was thrilled,” Jones said. “I had heard that the reputation of the Marcus band program reaches far and wide.”

The introduction of a new head director after many years with Drinkwater made the band anxious to meet Jones and discover what direction he planned to lead them. The entire band formally met Jones the first day of their summer rehearsals at the beginning of June. There, students got to know him and his methods, easing some of their nerves concerning the next marching season.

“Some people were nervous and some were excited for the change,” senior Ashlyn Bruns said. “But, I think now that we’ve transitioned, everyone realizes that we’re going to be fine with Mr. Jones.”

Jones said growing up with musical influences, like his mother, is what first led to his involvement in band. When he was younger, Jones’s mother sang and played the clarinet, which led his interests in music to grow and resulted in him joining his school’s band. Jones made the decision to become a director because he enjoys coming to a place where he can create and collaborate with other passionate people.

“It’s great because it’s an opportunity to teach how to express yourself in a way that’s engaging and entertaining,” Jones said. “It’s an opportunity to stay connected to an art form you love.”

Since working with Jones, students have had the opportunity to learn about him and his teaching style. Junior Alex Kang said that Jones has kept the same basics of teaching as Drinkwater, making the transition easier than some students had originally thought. Kang believes that Jones stresses the importance of valuing hard work when preparing for performances.

“He really hopes that we’re proud of whatever we put on the field,” Kang said. “He’s very focused on having us feel accomplished with what we do.”

This year’s program, entitled “Renaissance”, resembles compositions of the Medieval period with additions of modern style. Despite the show being planned before Jones was hired, Bruns believes that he was still able to successfully accomplish the program’s concept.

“The show we have this year is really themed around becoming some-thing new from old,” Bruns said. “We’re bringing in old aspects from before and new, positive changes, which I think is fitting for this year.”

This November, Jones will be competing with the band in the Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional Championship. Jones said his goals for this year are the same as those he lives by every day— to be better than the day before.

His measure of success is to see how close someone can get to what they are actually capable of doing and if they are able to surpass what expectations that they had set for themselves, rather than measuring it through plaques or trophies. This year, Jones hopes to uphold the same reputation that the band has had for years, and to have a program that represents his students’ driven commitment to performing.

“My plan is to continue to be something that the school and community can be incredibly proud of,” Jones said. “Not only the work that goes into the product created, but the people that create it.”

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Samantha Thornfelt, Editor in Chief
Sam Thornfelt is a senior this year, and it is her second year on The Marquee. While her favorite pastime is hanging out with her family and friends, she also enjoys spending time alone and can usually be found listening to music while rereading her favorite book, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." Sam was also passed down the title of “Staff Mom,” so she knows she has several big shoes to fill. She plans to make this last year her most memorable by sharing many meaningful, impactful stories with the help of her incredible staff and cannot wait to see what this year has in store for them. Check out her playlist here:
Emily Lundell, Managing and Photo Editor
Emily Lundell is an early-grad senior. When she's not working at JCPenney, she's taking pictures, helping write her friends' college essays, spending hours on photoshop editing photos of her cats, and online shopping. She's beyond excited to continue making amazing memories and produce the last Marquee publications of 2019! Check out her playlist here:

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