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I entered high school with excitement about new possibilities, yet within the first two hours I was reduced to the b-word by someone who had never even seen my face.

Column: The b-word

McKenna Cowley March 12, 2020

I wandered through beige hallways that never seemed to end, checking my watch and seeing the time run out. I was desperate and lost, entering a random classroom for help. Faceless strangers stared...

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Young black bodies are piling up on the streets due to police brutality. I just hope that you won’t have to trip over mine to notice that this is an issue and take action.

Column: Being a person of color is not a crime

Reya Mosby February 21, 2020

Red and blue lights and the words “BREAKING NEWS” appeared on the TV. My dad’s eyes were glued to the screen as it displayed a picture of a young black boy.    He was shot and killed by...

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An older man spoke about leading climate change protests in the 70’s. It’s a cause he’s defended for decades. He’s the activist I aspire to be: dedicated and impassioned. I’m sick of promoting causes that mean nothing to me.

Column: A new era of activism

Nikhita Ragam February 4, 2020

Editor’s note: this column was named as a superior personal opinion column in the TAJE Best in Texas contest. Climate change. #MeToo Movement. Hong Kong protests. Rohingya Muslim ethnic...

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Even though I had Indian friends, I still felt isolated. Unlike me, many of them were fluent in their native languages. I understand mine perfectly, but don’t feel brave enough to speak more than a few words, even to my parents.

Column: Finding my identity

Shriya Mukkavilli February 3, 2020

Editor’s note: This story was named an honorable mention for personal columns in the 2021 TAJE Best of Texas contest. My parents immigrated from India in 1997. They had me in 2004. I was born...

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It’s not a blinking LED sign above my head or a tattoo on my forehead, it’s just a part of me. One that, to many people, is only apparent in the way I say partner or significant other instead of boyfriend.

Column: Coming out, an explanation

Alyssa Cheatham February 2, 2020

Seeing “Love, Simon” was a pivotal moment in my life. It was released not long after I came out to my family, and I watched it with my mom in the theater. I had barely ever seen gay characters...

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However, maybe if I didn’t drink a gallon of coffee a day or actually drank milk like my grandma told me when I was a kid, I’d be 5’5” instead of 5’2”.

Column: Being fun sized is not that fun

Ayra Charania December 12, 2019

“I have the God-given right to make fun of you,” my 5’9” friend said. She had just left class, and I was trailing behind her because my short legs couldn’t walk any faster. After sprinting...

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While I’ve found a new passion in the newsroom and have cut down on my time in the gym, I’ll always be the little girl that fell in love with the sport and wore her team shirt with pride.

Column: More than just a sport

Madi Olivier December 11, 2019

I remember when I got my first team shirt. It was made out of scratchy black fabric and had red and blue flames on the front. The words “gym team” were written in huge white letters on the back....

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My toxic obsession with perfection is something that I may always struggle with, but asking for help was light at the end of a long and dark tunnel.

Column: Look for the light

Reya Mosby December 9, 2019

Editor's note: this column was named as an honorable mention for personal columns in the TAJE Best in Texas contest. It was also named as an honorable mention for online personal columns in the ILPC...

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I’ve accepted that not everyone around me will eat the same way I do. The only time I have a problem is when people try to convince me to eat meat while ignoring the fact that I can’t and I won’t.

Column: Me and my diet

Shriya Mukkavilli November 19, 2019

“You’re a vegetarian?” “Do you ever want to eat meat?” “How do you live like that?” I’ve been hearing the same things every time I tell people about my diet since I was little....

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I know that after the initial excitement of college sets in, I’ll sit down and wish my sister was there with me to watch another episode of Friends.

Column: Sisters by chance, friends by choice

Adriana Pueskens October 31, 2019

“Mom, I want my own room,” I said. “Why?” she asked, knowing I would have something to complain about. “I want my own space, but she  always wants to be in the room when I am.” “Adriana,...

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While it is important to me to understand the culture of India and have it present in my life, it is just as important to make sure that I include the American aspects of my culture as well.

Column: Finding the best of both worlds

Sanskriti Dwivedi October 31, 2019

“Ewww,” said one of my classmates while poking at the dahi vada I’d brought for class that morning. “It’s so slimy! What even is this stuff?” We were in Humanities getting ready for our...

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I pretended to have a life like Haley’s, but it turns out that Haley’s life wasn’t all that it seemed.

Column: A great white lie

McKenna Cowley October 28, 2019

Editor’s note: this column was named as an excellent personal column in the TAJE Best in Texas contest. It was also named as an honorable mention for opinion in the Press Women of Texas high school...

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