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Senior Carol Anne Starks (middle) holds a sign with two other students attending the High School Aerospace Scholars program at the NASA facility in Houston, TX. Carol Anne’s 10-person group was tasked with studying the geography of Mars.

Shoot for the stars

Senior participates in selective NASA program
McKenna Cowley December 12, 2019

“Can I look at this stuff?” senior Carol Anne Starks said. She had just arrived home from a long day of middle school. Only 11, she had recently began sixth grade. Starks was talking about...

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LISD Locksmith Debnes Magnes credits her faith for helping her discover her passion for butterfly gardening. She wants to share it with others and always has kind words for everyone.

Butterfly effect

LISD locksmith finds healing in unique hobby
Madi Olivier December 10, 2019

Editor’s note: This story was named as a superior feature in the TAJE Best in Texas contest. It also won third place for print features in the ILPC contest. It was also included in the portfolio that...

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Sophomore Katherine Yezer listens to Fashion Design teacher Kim Watson as she instructs the class. The program providing stockings to families was created by CCA a year ago.

Let it sew

Fashion design class starts project for the less fortunate
Alyssa Cheatham December 9, 2019

CCA Church and Volunteer Relations Manager Thelma Cantu visited the Fashion Design class on Oct. 2 to kick off a project where students will make stockings for CCA families. That day, students brought...

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Once she got to middle school, senior Carleigh Brand noticed that teachers referred to her as Johns sister, which played a role in her starting to compare herself to her older brother.

Battling for better days

Senior struggles to meet high expectations
Madi Olivier and McKenna Cowley October 30, 2019

Senior Carleigh Brand, then a sophomore, lay buried in blankets with tears streaming down her face. The soft melody of “Lost in You” by Kye Dreams echoed through her room. She closed her eyes tight...

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Senior Alexa Navinskys mom was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in the fall of her junior year. After her mom finished chemo, Alexa focused her attention on bringing joy to children who have faced situations similar to her moms.

Helping halos

Senior founds club inspired by mom's cancer
Adriana Pueskens October 28, 2019

Danay Navinsky had been feeling a pain in her stomach for a couple of weeks, so her family, including daughter senior Alexa Navinksy, decided it was time to go to the hospital. They waited in the room...

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Sophomores Landon Faulkner and Charles Payton read sheet music together. Peer mentors take a leadership role teaching them the fundementals of this skill.

In perfect harmony

Students connect through music
Shriya Mukkavilli October 28, 2019

Before starting, the room buzzed with friendly conversation. As the bell rang, the orchestra and special needs students formed a half-circle around the podium. Once the lesson started, everyone broke off...

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Tamed and trained

FFA students work with wild mustangs
Madi Olivier October 28, 2019

Editor's note: this story won first place for yearbook stories in the 2020 ILPC contest and was named superior in organizations copy in the 2020 Best in Texas Yearbook contest. The grass flattened beneath...

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Wendy Smith was presented with the award after her daughter, junior Leila Smith, played in her volleyball game.

Stepping up to cancer

Junior's mother receives Heart of a Marauder award
Michael Minton October 11, 2019

The entire volleyball team rushed onto the center of the court and embraced each other in a group hug. Junior Leila Smith and her mother, Wendy, who battled colon cancer a few months ago and is this year's...

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Junior Ria Chacko won Marcus Idol after her performance of The Joke.

Major success

Junior wins school-wide singing competition
Ayra Charania October 4, 2019

Junior Ria Chacko took first place at  Marcus Idol, an annual singing competition for students.  Trophies were also awarded to senior Olivia Stefani for second place and senior Julia Campopiano...

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Sophomore Jenifer Barnes was in eighth grade when a student brought a gun into her classroom. Today, she isnt scared of guns themselves, but rather how many people can easily get them.

Facing the aftermath

Sophomore experiences gun scare
Madi Olivier October 3, 2019

Hushed whispers filled the agriculture classroom in a small Delaware town as a school administrator entered. He interrupted the teacher’s presentation to tell the class he needed to talk to a student....

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Ryan Glenn Band performs on stage at Love & War in Texas alongside his band members Dave Moore, Steven Kistner, and Nate Morefield. Moore is Ryan Lafollette’s stepfather and accompanies him on guitar and vocals.

Rockabilly blues

Senior pursues uncommon passion
Michael Minton October 3, 2019

Senior Ryan Glenn LaFollette stood near the edge of the outdoor stage at Love & War In Texas, a restaurant in Plano featuring live music. It was the night of Aug. 31st and the middle-aged crowd questioned...

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Senior Landon Bradley overcame his constant fear of regressing back to the beginning of his recovery. This fear came from his first regression that sent him back to the beginning. After experiencing this, he had a newfound determination that helped his recovery move faster than ever.

Still standing

Senior recovers from car crash
Reya Mosby October 3, 2019

Editor's note: This story also won third place for online features in the ILPC contest.  People walked up to Landon Bradley attempting to make conversation. It was a town he didn’t know very well,...

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