Julia Campopiano

Kaitlyn Hughes
Senior Julia Campopiano feels safe when people are qualified to have a gun, but she is worried about how easily most people are able to get them. Campopiano believes that stricter background checks should be put in place.

How do you feel about guns?

“Personally if it’s in the right hands then I do feel safe. My dad’s a police officer, and obviously because of that we have a gun in our house so I feel safe with him possessing a gun. But because of all of the violence that’s happened recently, I don’t feel safe when I see someone openly carrying it or someone’s that’s not authorized.”

Do you feel safe in America with the rise in gun violence?

“Honestly, just because of how much it’s increased, there’s a lot of times when I go out of the house and I don’t really feel safe. Especially if I go to an area where I’m in a huge concentration of people, even like the store or the movies or… at school. Because it hits so close to home, I’m starting to feel a little bit less safe. Especially because Texas is passing more lenient laws towards guns being more available towards students.”

What do you think can be done to help towards combating gun violence?

“It needs to be a lot harder to get [a gun]. Because right now it’s a little bit too easy. It’s ending up in the hands of the wrong people. I feel like [background checks] should be a lot more extensive so that we can still have guns, because banning them would be really stupid.”