Garrett Einspahr

Kaitlyn Hughes
Senior Garrett Einspahr sees gun violence in America as an issue, but he doesn’t think it’s as bad as it’s often portrayed to be, so he generally feels safe. Einspahr sees increased background checks and psychological tests as possible solutions.

How do you feel about guns?

“I feel safe with most people having guns. I just feel like there’s some people who you can look at them and be like, ‘Maybe they probably shouldn’t have that.’”

Do you feel safe in America with the rise in gun violence?

“I still feel safe because while it is an issue, it’s also blown out of proportion because of media coverage. You’re more likely to get killed by somebody who’s texting and driving when you’re going about your regular day than somebody shooting you.”

What do you think can be done to help towards combating gun violence?

“I think they need to do a better job of enforcing their background checks, and I think psychological tests would be fine to see if the person is in a good mental state to own a gun. I think at the same time you can’t completely ban guns…I think the FBI and law enforcement needs to take tips more seriously.”