Let’s all go to the movies

Studio Movie Grill: Lewisville, TX

3/5 stars

Studio Movie Grill is an older theater in Lewisville and one of the first dine-in theaters in the area. But with the rise in popularity of dine-in theaters, it doesn’t match up with the likes of Moviehouse & Eatery and AMC dine-in theaters.

However, there is a reason this theater has remained a staple in the area. Ticket prices remain some of the cheapest — ranging from less than $6 to almost $8. The theater offers audiences a full menu including Asian-fusion dishes and large-sized pizzas.

This theater also emphasizes the comfort factor when it comes to movie watching. Reclining chairs are in almost every theater, mimicking the comfort of the experience someone has when watching a movie in their own home.

Despite this, many of the benefits associated with this cinema can be attributed to most dine-in theaters, and with the added cost of the food, this theater becomes just as, if not more, expensive than other theater options available.

Moviehouse & Eatery: Flower Mound, TX

4/5 stars

Moviehouse & Eatery is one of the newer additons to the DFW area, and it has already begun to make its mark. This theater combines the perfect “dinner and a show” feel.

In addition to showing all of the newest films, this theater includes a full menu, offering various different types of dishes from classic American burgers to Tex-Mex tacos. The menu even offers restaurant style entrees, such as a sirloin steak and a shaved ribeye sandwich.

With every theater including reclining seats, this theater’s comfort level is unmatched. In fact, soon you will be allowed to bring your own blankets and pillows. The only downside to this theater is the price tag. Not only do you have to pay for the over $12 movie ticket and your meal, the cost of the food is quite expensive for a movie theater.

However, if you are having a “treat yourself day,” this theater is the perfect choice. Moviehouse & Eatery highlights confort and quality.

Cinemark Movies 8: Lewisville, TX

4/5 stars

Tucked away off of I-35 lies Cinemark Movies 8, a hidden gem of the franchise. The glittering marquee on the exterior of the theater is reminiscent of old movie theaters of the 50s and 60s. However, the inside of the theater is an 80s wonderland, with neon colors and chevron print splashed across almost every surface.

The theater is almost empty for every showing, so it is perfect for the moviegoer that wishes to bring large groups of people with them or avoid large crowds. This theater is perfect for those trying to save money as tickets for regular movies cost less than $2 and 3-D movies cost less than $4.

Despite all of these perks, the theater only shows films after they’ve come out on digital, so the films reach the theater around four months after its original release. However, if you aren’t an avid movie goer and have a lot of patience, this theater is the perfect choice for you.

AMC Highland Village: Highland Village, TX

5/5 stars

AMC Highland Village offers the best of the AMC chain of theaters. With comfortable chairs and a welcoming atmosphere, this theater provides customers with an excellent movie-going experience. The theaters are quite large, and with Dolby and IMAX showtime options, movie-goers are able to have the full movie experience. The surround sound theaters allow audiences to fully immerse themselves in the movie.

The theater is slightly pricey at around $8 to $12 per ticket depending on the showing, but the price is reflected in the quality of the films being showed and the theater itself. With the theater being centrally located in the Highland Village Shops, it is surrounded by many restaurants if you want to make a full evening out of going to the movies. It is a more popular theater, so for those who like to have the full audience reaction experience during opening weekend, this theater is for you.

Ticket Tips

Use online reward programs 

Websites like Fandango and Atom allow you to pre-pay and reserve your seats prior to the showtime. You can also build up rewards and eventually redeem them. AMC has their Stubs and A-List programs that allow you to save on tickets and snacks. These rewards programs are great for frequent movie-goers that want to save some money. For big movie openings, it is best to try and buy tickets early and reserve your seats in to avoid having to get to the theater early and wait in line. These programs may even allow you to redeem points for free opening weekend tickets.

Take advantage of discount days and times 

Most theater chains have certain discount days — whether for students or senior citizens. Cinemark offers discounts through their reward program, as well as AMC and Regal Cinemas. Movie showtimes in the morning are often much cheaper compared to the evening showtimes, so picking your movie times carefully can help you save money when on a budget. AMC also offers discounted tickets on Tuesday for their AMC Stubs members.