Marauder Market plans to open, sell spirit wear


The new Marauder Market, located at the front of the school in the old security box, is set to open on Sept. 23.

 Students may notice something new coming into the school starting Sept. 23. Inside what once was the old security booth near the front office are new shelves that have been nailed up. The desk has been removed and Marauder red t-shirts hang in three neat rows on hangers. This is the beginning of a school store. Math teacher Gina Karbs is in charge of the new addition, which has been officially dubbed the Marauder Market.

  “It was something Mr. Shafferman wanted,” Karbs said. “He wanted a way to sell Marcus stuff, not just football or just choir.”

  The school store plans to shelve many different kinds of merchandise. Possible products include T-shirts, polo shirts, water bottles, coffee mugs and school supplies. The main items will be spirit wear. Karbs said they are currently asking for suggestions, which can be either sent to the student council’s Twitter page or emailed to her.

   Since spirit wear is primarily sold at football games, students who perform at halftime or who do not go to the games are unable to buy any gear. According to Karbs, the Marauder Market aims to be an easy and profitable way to sell gear to students who may not normally be able to order it.

  “The store makes it more convenient to get spirit wear without buying a ticket to the football games,” junior Jason Guthmiller said.

  Student council and class officers are currently scheduled to work in the store. Open hours will be posted on the door outside of the entrance.

  “We are still trying to finalize [open hours], but in the beginning, the store will probably be open two days a week before school and two days a week during lunches,” Karbs said.

  The profits will go to the senior class. Any money made from the store will help pay for the senior’s graduation this year.

  “I think it’s a really cool thing that they’re doing,” senior Elizabeth Price said. “Helping the  seniors with graduation and to be able to succeed is nice.”