Jobs movie gives unique insight into life of Apple creator



The recent release Jobs, tells the story of Steve Jobs and his adventure through one of the most well-known computer companies, Apple.


      In the opening scene, audiences get a look at what the future holds for the Apple company, through a set-up of an Apple staff meeting held in 2001. Throughout the movie, the viewer is transported back to Jobs’ college days in the 70’s. Well-acclaimed actor Ashton Kutcher,  portrays the carefree, visionary attitude that Job’s had, walking around campus without shoes on and sneaking into classes that he hasn’t paid for. The audience relives the next few years of Jobs’ life, from the selling of his first computer, to developing a big time corporation.


        The movie allows the audience to see the human side of a sometimes misunderstood genius. At some points, he becomes easy to hate and despise because of his confidence and inability to work well with others. But, he can put the watcher in tears because of the challenges he faces and how he handles them. The viewer experiences Jobs’ relationships with his family, friends and coworkers as they change by the scene.


        One of the most intriguing parts of this movie is how well the characters are cast. In the end credits, the actors are compared with pictures of the people they are portraying, and the resemblance is astounding. Kutcher’s reenactment of the well-known entrepreneur is extremely accurate, right down to Jobs’ unique gait, his attitude and his hippie-like aura.


          The setting for the scenes range  from the 1970s through 2001 – from college to the real world. The actors wardrobe change accordingly. The characters go from wearing bell bottom jeans and loose shirts to ties and suits. The viewer can see the transformation from laid-back kids to businessmen in a mega corporation.


         Jobs seems very long because it passes the point of what seems like, an obvious ending. Also, some lingo is used that is only understood by engineers, computer nerds or CEOs. The end of the movie leaves some issues unresolved and the audience needing to know more.


         Viewers will walk into the theater thinking they already know an abundance about Steve Jobs and Apple, and they will leave shocked and surprised by what they’ve learned. Steve Jobs will seem like so much more than just a picture on a screen.



  I give this movie 8.5/10