Shelter spotlights: Balto

Get to know Balto, who is available for adoption in Flower Mound


Emily Lundell

Balto is very energetic and loves to play with people.

Name: Balto

Sex: Male

Age: One year

Breed: Husky/Shepard mix

Location: Flower Mound Animal Services



Balto is a rambunctious little boy with a friendly and playful personality that would bring joy to nearly anyone. He might be unsure of new people at first, but warms up and is happy to play in nearly no time after a quick sniff of their hand.

He is a natural runner and would make a great running partner. He loves to zoom through the yard outside in search of his favorite toy, a squishy blue ball, and also explores whatever environment he’s in. When he slows down long enough for people to touch him, Balto loves getting attention, especially in the form of pets, and gets so excited that he often jumps on people to get them. He might be young, but Balto is very smart – he already knows his name and responds to it.

He doesn’t do well with other dogs or cats, so he’ll do best in a home where he’s the only pet. Balto, who is microchipped, is looking for a loving home with an active family that will give him the exercise and affection he needs.