Duel in the pool

The LISD Natatorium is packed with people. Swimmers line up along the pool deck shoulder to shoulder for the biggest duel meet of the season. Posters which show faces of the seniors cover the back wall. Spectators earnestly watch both team’s seniors walk out to meet their parents. Their college choices are announced. Memories are made.

Tonight is the senior’s last Duel in the Pool. The swim team’s biggest duel meet of the season against the school’s biggest rival, Flower Mound.

“I’m really confident in our girls’ team and our boys’ team this year, but also a little nervous because a Flower Mound girl placed second at TISCA,” Senior Captain Halle Ulfsrud said.

However, spirits are up. Before the meet, the swimmers train hard. Having switched to morning practices this year, the team has all day to prepare mentally.

“We did have a couple losses at the beginning of the year which left us a little bit shaken, but we’ve come out stronger,” Ulfsrud said. “Our coach has become a lot more involved with us, doing drill work helping and reminding us that duel meets are supposed to be fun.”

Ulfsrud said that their Coach Shannon Gillespy made sure that the swimmers are on track with what’s important, and that’s not always winning. Not only does Coach Gillespy make sure that they have fun, but also prepare for the ultimate goal.

“Our coach has become a lot more involved with us, doing drill work and helping to remind us that duel meets are supposed to be fun,” Ulfsrud said. “She’s been preparing us for Districts in January and Regionals in February.”

Although the meet did not end with a win, the night was still fun for the senior swimmers. Memories were created that will last a lifetime.

“It’s bitter sweet because it’s one of our last meets and it’s our last Duel in the Pool so we to made sure to work extra hard,” Ulfsrud said.