Shelter spotlights: Shelby

Get to know Shelby, who is available for adoption in Flower Mound


Emily Lundell

Shelby is shy, but she quickly warms up to people. Once she’s comfortable, Shelby will ask for pets and treats.

Name: Shelby 

Sex: Female 

Age: Eight years

Breed: Shepard mix 

Location: Flower Mound Animal Services 

Shelby is very shy and will need some time to get to know people, but is very sweet and friendly. She loves to be pet and is quick to go from person to person to sniff them and get stroked, getting a little more comfortable and excited each time. Shelby is curious and loves to explore her surroundings, especially wherever the treats are kept – just to make sure they’re safe.

Shelby is well behaved and rarely jumps, nips or yanks on her leash. She also sits for treats and takes them gently, showcasing her lovable personality.

She hasn’t had much exposure to other dogs, but she seemed to be okay the short bits of time she was around them. Shelby is looking for a quiet home with older children and an owner that will give her plenty of affection.