Shelter spotlights: Daliah

Get to know Daliah, who is available for adoption in Flower Mound


Emily Lundell

Daliah can be shy at first, but once she opens up to people, she likes to lay back and be pet for hours.

Name: Daliah 

Sex: Female 

Age: Three years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair 

Location: Flower Mound Animal Services

Daliah is laid back and reserved, so she needs a good bit of time to warm up to new people, but she is very sweet and friendly, even more so when she gets used to someone.

She’s a professional in the act of being pet and she never grows tired of it. Cuddling up in her bed and being pet by somebody she trusts is where Daliah is happiest, which she makes known by squishing her face into her bed and moving around so whoever is giving her affection knows where she wants to be stroked.

Daliah is content around most cats, although she likely won’t do well with cats that try to hiss at her or scare her. She is looking for a home where she can feel safe and receive a lot of love from a patient owner willing to get to know her and help her gain confidence.