Shelter spotlights: Twister

Get to know Twister, who is available for adoption in Flower Mound


Emily Lundell

Twister is a ball of energy and loves to play with his toys for hours.

Name: Twister 

Sex: Male

Age: Four months  

Breed: Domestic Shorthair 

Location: Flower Mound Animal Services

Twister is a sweet and mischievous kitten who lives up to his name. He is always on the move and has an endless supply of energy. He is also as curious as can be and loves to explore the area around him.Twister’s goofy personality makes him a natural comedian and always entertaining to watch. He’s a very happy boy and never stops purring.

Twister loves to play with any toy he can get his paws on, although pipe cleaners are his absolute favorite. In the rare times that he isn’t playing, running and jumping around, Twister soaks up attention like a sponge and likes to cuddle up on a soft bed while being pet.

He likes other cats and loves people, including kids of all ages, which makes him a great family cat. Twister is looking for a home to turn into his personal jungle gym where he can play with pipe cleaners and snuggle with his owner.