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Senior survey: The best thing I learned
Tara Connick
Seniors revealed the best things they learned and more in The Marquee’s senior edition, which is available on

These answers were part of our senior edition, which was released in May 2020. The full issue can be found here

“Work ethic” — Remi Dzwolak

“When necessary, confidence is key. Act confident when speaking even if the information may be slightly outdated as to not easily discredit sources” — Aaron Guerra

“Who my real friends are” — Bella Whitesell

“Math” — Noe Morales

“Quizlet is your best friend” — Sydney Linquist

“Go to every sporting event” — Bailey Roden


— Lauren Herba

“Aside from my education, how to be the best person I can be, not only for myself but for everyone else” — Ashlynn Mays

“Shalina Sabih is the master of friendzoning” — Jadan Ruckdeschel

“All the meme trivia I got out of Meme Jeopardy at staff parties” — Ayra Charania

“To participate in everything, like go to football games and prom, and don’t have any regrets” — Ryan Poles

“Stuff” — Logan Pasion

“Work smarter not harder” — Riley Vaughn

“Social skills” — Adam Matthews

“Nothing matters because you are only in class for an hour and a half” — Abigail Frantz

“Everyone has a story” — Joy Yang

“The ability to be independent and be able to make my own decisions and study on my own” — Hayden Self

“The magic finger of banking” — Dahlia Clark

“Success is different for everyone” — Kendall Bailey

“How to listen to music in class” — Renee Gomez

“Comparison really is the thief of joy” — Adriana Pueskens

“Keep change flip” — Natalie Bonner

“To not take everything for granted. You may think you have all the time in the world in high school but it goes by so fast and you won’t realize it until it’s too late. So go out and have fun with your friends while you still have the time to” — Hayden Phillips

“The best thing you can do is be yourself, everyone else will figure themselves out” — Tatiana Beach

“That your true friends will stick with you through the ups and downs in life and that having three best friends are better than surrounding yourself with people who don’t care about you or your wellbeing” — Chloe Hudson

“Always try to make yourself and everyone around you happy” — Zeke Camden Dayton

Quizlet is your best friend.

— Sydney Linquist

“Bring a hairband to school” — Brigit Reese

“Keep your goals high and expectations low” — Nikhita Ragam

“Don’t procrastinate in college” — Tyler Dawson

“Life is too short to be sad and brought down, live your life like it’s a fantasy” — Ben Contreras

“God is always with me” — Marcus Anderson-Valencia

“Mrs. Brininstool is never wrong” — Lauren Szlosek

“The art of vibing: aka being able to find joy in any situation” — Annette Nguyen

“The MOST important thing is to wear your ID around your neck” — Sarah Wilson

“The best skill you can learn is how to teach yourself when you need to” — Michael Minton

“To have fun over schoolwork” — Bella Fortino

“Grammar usage in Ira Sherrill’s class” — Addison Eads

“What to expect in a college class. Also how to rush through an assignment I forgot about” — Victoria Alonzo

“It’s OK to have fun as long as work gets done” — Justice Douse

“Cherish the simple moments! Life moves too fast” — Emily McLeod

“How to make friends” — Jenna Hauck

“Your true friends will stick with you through whatever happens” — Morgan Lyons

“Stay in your three foot world” — Catherine McKisic

“You have to know your needs in order to be successful in anything, whether it be in a class, or in a relationship or anything” — Claire Reader

“‘It’s not your fault, but it is your problem.’ – Mr. Davis” — Morgan Meyers

“Put your mind in a dream world” — Nancy Benitez

“Calculus is not my friend” — Miranda Lutterbei

“I learned that high school is filled with good and bad experiences, but when you go back to look at the bigger picture, it’s beautiful” — Hana Ajam

“How to graph exponential functions” — Garrett Karbs

“To enjoy the moment” — Andrew Wegendt

“How to fake being a good student so the teachers leave you alone” — Parker Bastien

“Beatboxing and how great it is to be part of an amazing music/choir/acapella program. THE BEST!!” — Patrick Bevins

Don’t plan your life away.

— Grant Papazian

“Always pack an extra pair of pants in case you split yours” — Riley Vaughn

“That this isn’t like High School Musical at all and life isn’t perfect” — Gwyneth Glanton

“Time goes by super fast, enjoy the little things” — Jordan Litten

“D.C. is the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA” — Aynslee Barber

“DON’T CUT BANGS” — Lauren Herba

“How you properly wash your hands” — Ryan Whitfield

“You get in what you put out. Always try and stay positive no matter how hard it gets. The First impression is everything” — Mia Taylor-Fitzgerald

“Do not let anyone else determine your self worth” — Logan Collins

“That gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for five years after you swallow it” — Sam Coad

“Hold your people close for as long as you can and never waste a second with them, because change is inevitable. But change can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and if those friends are really family, they’ll still be there” — Caitlin Kinder

“Never count yourself out” — Miguel Elliott

“Don’t take life too seriously and cherish the time you are given” — Emma Janeway

“That every person has a story you don’t know and to take the time to learn a person before you judge them. Also a really great recipe for cookies” — Bailey Tadolini

“Focus on those who care about you as much as you care about them” — Julia Campopiano

“Be myself” — Kaitlyn Reichenberger

“To be myself no matter what and that every single person that I come in contact with has so much more to them than meets the eye. It’s worth getting out of my comfort zone to make a new friend” — Victoria Cheshire

“How to stand up for myself ” — Pidge Cheatham

“They keep talking, I keep running” — Mai-An Luu Nguyen

“To cherish every moment” — Delayna Darvin

“Too many to count” — Erik Nibarger

Shalina Sabih is the master of friendzoning.

— Jadan Ruckdeschel

“Take things one day at a time” — Madeline Cherry

“The quadratic equation and formula” — Albir Rifati

“How to balance life” — Cameron Neustupa

“Physics gang signs” — Katie Mann

“Don’t plan your life away” — Grant Papazian

“Not to stress over stupid things” — Shalina Sabih

“Remi Dzwolak is so handsome” — Peyton Gibbs

“A lot of things that worry you now won’t matter in five years. Focus on the things that matter” — Tatum Green

“Practice makes perfect. Many hands make light work” — Nathan Tonti

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Tara Connick
Tara Connick, Managing Editor
Tara Connick is a senior and this is her third year on staff. She’s a designer but also has a soft-spot for photography. She spends most of her time in front of her computer stressing over fonts and layouts in the back newsroom while drinking way too many energy drinks or iced coffees, but when Hale finally kicks her out you can find her going on hikes or changing up her hair... again. Tara is so excited to be this year’s managing editor and see staff create amazing content in unprecedented ways.

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